Why Miami’s Billionaires Are Staying Put

No longer a resort stop on the way to or back from the rest of the world, Miami is becoming the go-to destination for the world’s wealth.

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Miami is as a destination, the place to see and be seen. That expression sums up the value of any investment in Miami as the capital of the sunset is an ever-thriving market of opportunities in leading industries worldwide.







Brickell is Called the Manhattan of the South for a reason……
Investing in Brickell Luxury Condos for Sale

Brickell Heights

Brickell Heights is located in the epicenter of Miami’s financial district and falls within the average price category of the new Brickell Condos. Unique selling points are the curved corridors for more privacy and the 50th floor Roof Top pool. Owners at Brickell Heights can access the Full Service Spa at Equinox plus receive a Membership to Equinox

Le Parc

Boutique residences slightly outside of the busy Brickell core.
This condos is located next to a park and offers a nice scenery and more tranquil living while being within walking distance of the brickell Core and nearby the I95. This turn-key Condo is more affordable than other Brickell Condos with prices ranging from $400 -$550 per Sq.Ft. The building is known to be environmental friendly and will be delivered by the end of 2014

Cassa Brickell

Cassa Brickell Is A New Modern Boutique Condo In Brickell. Its located outside of the city core yet is easily reachable by foot. The condo is located in a quiet area close to a park. The area will also be home to Le Parque Condo.
The prices are very afforable and under the Brickell average for pre-construction Condos. For those interested in Investing in Brickell Condos with a budget, this might be the place to be.

1010 Brickell

1010 Brickell is located along Brickell Avenue, Brickell’s most important avenue. The building will be designed by world famous architect: Sieger Suarez ( St Regis Bal Harbour, Trump Towers).
The 1010 Brickell is in Brickell’s most common price range, selling for $500-$800 per Sq.Ft. The Condo offers breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and/or the Miami skyline, and some units come with summer kitchens (a new feature for Brickell Condos which is only seen in some of the newest condos) What sets this building apart from all the other pre-construction condos for Brickell right now? Great Amenities and a lot of units with unobstructed views.

Brickell Ten

Slightly outside of Brickell’s center but also showing the lowest prices per Sq.Ft this boutique condo.
Brickell Ten residences are environmental friendly and tastefully artistic.

The Edge on Brickell

The Edge on Brickell offers only three units per floor, which is something not often seen in Brickell.
The units are very spacious, modern and the majority of them offer flow through views and private terraces accessible from living rooms and bedrooms. These unique residences will have LEED silver rating and the building offers a 300 foot dock.



Echo Brickell

The Most luxurious Brickell Condo so far.
This Condo offers some unique features that provides this building with great Real Estate Investment opportunities and a competitive advantage in case of a resale.
The 10′ – 14′ ceilings with floor -to -ceiling windows are unique for Brickell.
The Units are delivered furniture ready inspired by Carlos Ott + Yoo.
This feature already saves the investor between $50,000 and $200,000 depending on the type of finishings he would have chosen. The condo offers 6′ – 8′ deep terraces .
Deeper than average balconies include a barbecue area with outside kitchen and finally ECHO Brickell Features a Car Lift.

The Bond

London Chic in Brickell. The Bond is Brickell a selling concept” London Chic (After the “Bond Street” in London) with a twist of James Bond.
The Bond on Brickell is not a building that you buy for superb Bay views.
It is city living at its best with a bit of bay view for some units (as a bonus) and full bay view for the penthouses.

Brickell Flatiron

Brickell Flatiron is the newest Luxury Residential Tower, located in the epicenter of Brickell District. According to the developer the Brickell Flatiron resident, can be assured of having the very finest finishes and amenities and no detail of comfort and luxury is spared. For additional convenience all residences are furniture ready with pre-selected premium Italian flooring manufactured and complementary paint selections.

Reach at Brickell City Centre / Brickell City Centre

The Condo that is on everyone’s lips and part of a long anticipated project. Reach Brickell City Centre is the first Residential Tower of the Brickell City Centre mega project. This $1,06 Billion mixed-use project will be home to Luxury Residences, Luxury Shopping, Commercial spaces and entertainment. The luxury residences with 9’4” to 11’4” ceilings are fully finished and furniture ready with buyers being able to choose between two finishes. The project is very green, being LEED certified and environmental friendly. This condo in the centre of Brickell “Miami’s Wall street” is already sold for 50% now and the developer doesn’t even have a website up and running!!
The second tower that will start selling is RISE at Brickell City Centre, we will provide you with further details once they are released.

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What is a What is a Hardwood?

A hardwood tree is any tree that is an angiosperm or a monocotyledon, and not a conifer. Hardwood trees generally produce flowers and fruit and are deciduous, or lose their leaves in winter. Hardwood trees produce wood of varying “hardness,” though in general wood from these trees is physically “harder” than the wood derived from softwood, or conifer, trees. Hardwood trees produce wood that is dense and heavy, making not only structurally strong but exceptionally beautiful as well.


Hardwood vs. Softwood

In general, hardwood is heavier and stronger than softwoods. Because of its physical properties, hardwood is more resistant to termites, weathering, rot and decay. Softwoods are used more commonly than hardwoods in everyday projects because they are less expensive and easier to work with. Softwoods are the primary wood used in framing wooden homes and buildings, and make up the majority of the wood found in plywood and less expensive furniture.


In general, hardwood is much stronger than softwood, making it the ideal wood for making furniture that must withstand high levels of use. Hardwood retains its strength and is less likely to split when worked, so it is invaluable in furniture manufacturing. The unique grain patterns found in hardwoods not only make them strong and durable, but also make them aesthetically pleasing. A simple application of wood stain and clear varnish help accent the natural beauty of the wood and protect the surface from premature wear and tear.