This Architect-Designed Wall System Has a 3D-Printed Core
 Chattanooga, Tenn.–based startup Branch Technology is using a large-scale version of this robotic arm to 3D print the core of its novel panelized wall system.



2. a) formation or construction resulting from or as if from a conscious ;
a unifying or coherent form or structure.

The answer is as much time as needed to get what we want. But when we step back and look at our lives, the question that arises for me is this: How much time do we take to design our dream life?

What I mean when I say architecture has everything to do with designing your life. Just like a home, planning the details of your life can lead you to huge benefits and generally lead you where you want to go. On the flip-side, over-planning, over-thinking, and worrying about every little detail will mire you down in the muck. That’s not good and keeps you from that life you want.

Architecture is everything you put into your life. Right now you have architecture in place, you just may not call it that. If you have a job, that’s architecture that gets you a paycheck. If you have a business, your clients are part of the architecture that gets you paid.

What if tomorrow you woke up and decided, today I’m going to design my dream life. Today, I’m done dreaming about some life in my imagination and then actually got off your ass and created that life. Human beings are addicted to comfort and as long as we hide behind the easy, we rarely have a chance to get the life we truly desire.


Many times we face a path like this one. Rocks on both sides and a narrow passage with rising and falling water in between. Where we want to go is on the other side and we can choose the short cut that looks like this or the long way around. Neither is right or wrong, but the proper architecture get’s you through the short cut safely and avoids the long route. Not all architecture will be a short cut but since you already have architecture in your life by default, how about take that and design what you really want.

Life Architect