The Man who changed the fashion world with a pair of scissors.

O homen que mudou o mundo da moda com um par de tesouras.

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It’s about time. Someone finally realized the Hairdressing community should have an upgraded title.Just as dressmaker upgraded to Fashion Designer.But, education comes with the upgraded title.Notably not everyone can be called  a Fashion Designer. Same goes for hair or should I say  Hair Desgners?Finaly……….I have being waiting for this day to come. And here it is.  My design Thesis of 2003 I quoted.” The only profession that still has and old title is hairdressing.”Adriana Sassoon



Positive Chemistry!

Elan Sassoon  son of famed Vidal Sassoon is launching his line of hair care….Sojourn by elan s.

Adriana Sassoon & Elan Sassoon

Elan Sassoon is also Owner of Mizu salons in  New York and Boston.

Elan Sassoon's New Haircare line, Sojourn. Sojourn Shampoo Moisture: All I have to say about this shampoo is that after applying and lathering it through my hair, it felt so moisturized I didn’t think I needed any conditioner to accompany it! The shampoo smells wonderful – with a hint of citrus. It left my hair healthy-looking and silky soft to the touch. I can definitely understand the power of the exclusive Keratin Cashmere Protein they use in this product – it does leave your hair permanently conditioned.Sojourn Conditioner Moisture: Okay…so I know I just said that I didn’t necessarily need the conditioner after the shampoo, but I used it anyways—and guess what, my hair was even MORE moisturized. I used both the shampoo and the conditioner first thing in the morning right after I woke up. My ‘bed head’ hair had tangles galore. After using this conditioner my hair felt as if I brushed them all out. On the bottle it advises you to leave the product in for two to three minutes (so it acts more like a deep conditioner). I saw a result after one minute.
Conditioner Moisture, Texture Molding Paste, Shampoo Moisture, Monoi Oil

Sojourn Monoi Oil:

In other words. Wonder oil. It’s an ultra-light yet deep conditioning treatment specially formulated for chemically treated, dry, frizzy or environmentally damaged hair. This hydrating oil absorbs almost instantly and it doesn’t leave any residue or build up. When you first apply it, you can feel it in the hair. After about 15 minutes you can’t even tell it’s there. Hair feels a lot softer after this product.

Sojourn Texture Molding Paste: This paste has a thicker texture than the taffy, so it enables you to add a little more definition to any cut or style. You can use this product to create soft and loose curls or to stand hair straight up.

Sojourn Leave-in Detangler: it’s good to use for a little extra moisture and for tangle-protection! Comb this product through with a large toothcomb, and know that it can be used alone or before applying products.

 Elan Sassoon's New Haircare line, Sojourn. Sojourn Shampoo Colour Preserve: This is formulated with a potent plant-derived UV inhibitor for maximum protection against environmental free radical damage caused by UV light. The low pH locks in color and prevents premature fading for richer, vibrant, longer lasting color and shine.A few years ago, I dyed my hair a purple–maroon color. Since I was a lifeguard at that time I had no choice but to bake in the sun pretty much every day. After all that sun, my hair turned orange and definitely did not resemble its original color. Sounds like this product would have solved that problem…Sojourn Conditioner Colour Preserve: This product provides extra UV protection for colored, chemically treated hair as well as hair that has been overexposed to the harsh effects of heat, wind and the sun. Works just like Sojourn Moisture Conditioner.
Conditioner Colour Preserve, Sculpting Taffy, Shampoo Colour Preserve, Thermal Protection Straightener

Sojourn Sculpting Taffy:
I used a small amount on my hair while it was dry (you can use it on wet hair too). It added a little texture/separation to my layers and smells marvelous — like roses! This is an all-in-one sculpting tool that gives extra hold, shine and protection to long, short, or in-between styles. Contains maracuja oil, so it fortifies hair as it styles.

Sojourn Thermal Protection Straightener: I found this is a useful product. I have used it for the past week before I straighten my hair with a flatiron. In any situation, you should apply it BEFORE applying heat on dry hair. I sprayed it on my hair from roots to ends, one section at a time for maximum protection and moisture.

Sojourn Wet/Dry Volume Gel: I took about a quarter amount of this gel and applied it at the ends to my roots. It left my hair weightless and soft. After blow-drying my hair it was like Va-Voom Volume! It works also in dry hair for a more piece-y look.So what was my favorite aspect about the entire collection besides the healthy effect it had on my hair? The scent. Floral, Herbal, Citrus…I got a surprise from ever bottle I opened. Trying out Sojourn was definitely a pleasant experience.  Elan Sassoon's New Haircare line, Sojourn.
 Modern Salon by Lauren Salapatek Shampoo Volume, Wet/Dry Volume Gel, Conditioner Volume


“My Intangible Truth”
Up Close and Personal with Bruno Mascolo


Walking along Davis street in London’s Mayfair. One of the smartest streets in central London in the mid 1970s, I saw a new beauty salon that had been featured in the trade magazine Hairdressers journal: “Toni&Guy”Four brothers Toni, Bruno, Guy and Anthony had been achieving some editorial coverage for their hair photographs. Their original salon was in a south London suburb Balham. Now they were aiming there sights high and the focus was on making a name and reputation for themselves bang in the heart of London’s Davis street, a stones throw from Bond street. You have to dedicate heart and soul mind and body on being a success, you have to give up so much at an early age.

Bruno Mascolo,Shane-,Harold Leighton and Guy Mascolo

I had already joined Glemby International (now part of the Regis group)  whose office was just around the corner in Grosvenor street. My walks through Mayfair were a daily ritual to see the beautiful women coming out of the top hairdressing salons, Martin Douglas, Rene, Raymond, Steiner, Dumas and Vidal Sassoon to name a few.

My next free time I walked into their salon and introduced myself to the brothers and from that time on we have been friends. I have watch them grow  in the world of fashion and become world statesmen photographer and product magnates into multi millionaires. Their name is around the globe in hair, their products are advertised in Vogue, Womens Wear Daily Harpers Bazaar internationally. If they sneeze they are written up in the media!

The names of there products range from Toni&Guy BedHead, Catwalk,TIGi, S Factor and makeup are sold around the world. In 2009 tragic news that Guy a talent in hair music writing, brother mentor and friend died suddenly some six weeks after they had sold part of the company to Unilever.  Like their father Guy had a huge passion with hair and  music, the brothers all mixed with artist musicians editors and grew so close developing their outside talents in the arts’ Guy’s talent and passion about his music art football and still playing in his sixties. His art captured the very essence of subjects and often sold his paintings to raise money for charities. As a talented guitarist he and all the brothers had such artistic talent, maybe one day there works will be in a museum!  Elder brother Tony went his own way with his family still in the hair salon business in Europe.

Today Bruno is CEO, Anthony the youngest and Image producer trend setter with hair and photography lives out of Battersea London and part on an air plane traveling the globe. Open almost any fashion magazine and you will always see there advertising on there product lines that stands out alongside L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken.

To mention the talent of the brothers in one feature is impossible and hope that I can show you the art side of the image maker Anthony Hairdresser and photographer. With offices and homes in London Dallas and LA they travel the world teaching training at hair shows almost weekly, an amazing task even at a young age.

In 2008 I was privilege to be asked to visit Bruno and Guy in Dallas to see the structure, workings of this vast organization and was astounded to see how they had grown since the mid 1970’s. On visiting Bruno’s home I saw his other side – an artist that has given me the insight of this talented man and given me the opportunity to show and tell and to share with readers of  The Epoch Times in this EXCLUSIVE interview. Not normally seen in this light. I felt the story had to be told and in Bruno’s words below with his own words “Intangible Truth”.

Colaboration of Harold Leighton,Paintings by Bruno Mascolo,Photographs Harold Leighton for Adriana Sassoon.


Avon, Sephora, Bumble & Bumble, Chanel, Clarins, Mehran, Clinique, Lancome, Sally Hansen, Tweezerman, Sassoon, Shiseido, Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Ardenand many others…………………………

The best makeup brands vary according to the opinions of who uses them. Generally brand name cosmetics use higher quality ingredients, but I have found off brand products that I enjoy using also.

Beauty brands advertise their highlights according to what is the current trend of the moment so I advise trying lots of makeup brands to see what you prefer. It is important to remember that what works best for me might not work best for you.

Read the reviews and try what you like. Remember to follow the website directions regarding returns as you try each product.



Early life

Vidal Sassoon é um cabeleireiro inglês, nascido em Londres, em 1928. Nos Estados Unidos estudou na universidade de Nova Iorque. Como cabeleireiro, notablizou-se por ter criado uma forma de penteado baseada na Bauhaus e nas formas geométricas.Vencedor de vário prémios, foi presidente da Multinacional Vidal Sassoon, presidente da Fundação Vidal Sassoon .


Influence in hairstyling

Sassoon’s works include the geometric, the wash-and-wear perm, and the “Nancy Kwan.” They were all modern and low-maintenance. The hairstyles created by Sassoon relied on dark, straight, and shiny hair cut into geometric yet organic shapes. In 1963, Sassoon created a short, angular hairstyle cut on a horizontal plane that was the recreation of the classic “bob cut.” His geometric haircuts seemed to be severely cut, but were entirely lacquer-free, relying on the natural shine of the hair for effect. Sassoon is a father of modernist style and has also been a key force in the commercial direction of hair styling, turning its craft in to a multi-million dollar industry.

He was a very influential person to people all over the world; especially those who have become cosmetologists. By the early 1980s, after moving to the United States, Sassoon had sold his name to manufacturers of haircare products and the multinational Procter & Gamble was applying his name to shampoos and conditioners sold worldwide. Former salon colleagues also bought Sassoon’s salons and acquired the right to use his name, extending the brand in salons into the United Kingdom and United States. However, in 2003, it was reported that Sassoon was suing Procter & Gamble for destroying his brand by skimping on marketing in favor of the company’s other hair product lines, notably Pantene. Also in 2002, the chain of Vidal Sassoon salons was sold to Regis Corporation. By 2004, it was reported that he was no longer associated with the brand that bears his name.[citation needed] Vidal Sassoon has authored several books, including A Year of Beauty and Health co-written with his former wife, Beverly Sassoon. He also had a short-lived TV series called Your New Day with Vidal Sassoon in the late 1970s.


In 1967, Vidal Sassoon married Beverly Adams. They had four children,CATYA, ELAN, EDEN  including an adopted son DAVID. One daughter, actress Catya Sassoon, died of a drug overdose on January 1, 2002. The couple divorced in 1980.



Hair is nature’s biggest compliment and the treatment of this compliment is in our hands. As in couture, the cut is the most important element … haircutting simply means design and this feeling for design must come from within. ”VS
The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. ”VSsassoon-trend-51202



Vidal Sassoon stands for Very Simple and Very Stylish! Vidal Sassoon is the consumer brand that experts use when it comes to delivering fabulous haircare. The best of technology is used by Vidal Sassoon to deliver the ultimate in hair styling product expertise. Vidal Sassoon’s products are for the modern individual with the know-how and expectation of living in the 21st century.

Vidal Sassoon’s hair styling products are renowned in the world of fashion for bringing style and confidence to today’s image conscious consumer. Innovation, experience and value are all top of the agenda with Vidal Sassoon, the world leading authority on haircare.

Vidal Sassoon brings the vital hair styling tools for the modern sophisticate enabling you to create those elegant, silky and shiny looks.



Spring’s Stylemakers :April 2,2009


Boston’s fashion glitterati road-tripped to the runway at Neiman Marcus Natick for’s first fashion show. The Spring Stylemakers Fashion Show, hosted by Neiman Marcus Natick and attracted some 350 guests, decked out in trendy one-shoulder frocks and purple velvet smoking jackets. The theme of the evening? The power of the individual — common ground for Boldfacers and Neiman Marcus — and how it is expressed through fashion. Twelve stylish Boldfacers were invited to create outfits at Neiman Marcus that reflected their fashion flair and fire; models from Maggie Inc. were then asked to be that Boldfacer. That’s what we call dressing the part — on the catwalk…and in life.  
  Photographs by Chris Sanchez & Randy Gross


Boldfacer Stylemaker Participant and owner of MIZU Salon Elan Sassoon and his wife Adriana, Personal Stylist /Designer.



The backstage of : Behind the Man of Style.We got there early in the morning and, meanwhile Elan and My daughter went out for a walk around the mall I was left with a nice gentleman. With his help I was able to find all the materials to create the 3 looks for the event.I was happy with my choices.My looks were a bit more edgy . I guess a little forward for Bostonians.At least this was what they told me.We had some changes added by Lydia Santangelo, who works for Neiman Marcus.So these are the final results shown ate the Runaway…………………I hope you enjoy.



My FIRST LOOK: Wasn’t quite like that but…………. “A refined Jet Setter on the way to Saint-Tropez”. 

Black shorts, a White shirt with black stripes, a pair of  Black moccasins,GUCCI bag.(Accessorize your bag, with a small scarf , with the bright colors of summer, place the scarf on the handle of the bag).A pair of black shades is a must.


My SECOND LOOK : ” Walking around town”. 

Wasn’t quite like that, but anyhow……….

Rock Republic jeans with some Swarovisk buttons, the lavender  Shirt with a floral pattern and the shoes a pair of  Black mocassins.Accessorize the look with a white scarf on the side of the waist line, an inner purple shirt . The shirt should be worn loose on the waist, and to finalize the look a lavender wool sweater.


My Third look:  Wasn’t quite like that but…………

“A night out in Sao Paulo”.

Beautiful, off-white vest with an off white pair of paints, an off white belt, a black velvet pair of shoes for some contrast .accessorize, no shirt, only a vest with a black Sequim tie, with a beautiful pair of  blacelets.Lots of glitter!









A headband is a clothing accessory worn in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes. Headbands generally consist of a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both practical and fashion purposes.

Horseshoe-shaped headbands are sometimes called Alice bands after the headbands that Alice is often depicted wearing in Through the Looking Glass.


 Traditionally the Tiara is a form of headgear that is similar to a crown. The Tiara is usually worn by female members of a royal family. The literal translation of the world tiara means high crown. However unlike a crown the tiara is not a completely circular. Although circular in shape it does not meet at the back of the head. In ye olden times they were made out of leather or other fabric and were decorated with fine jewels and made to look beautiful. They were worn by the most dignified and prestigious members of the society such as the kings or emperors.

There were a wide variety of different variations on the theme and many different societies found innovative ways of decorating the tiara to show how prestigious it was. It is noted that the Assyrian people around the 15th to 20th century BC used bull horns as a symbol of authority and these were also decorated with feathers. The tiara was also popular in Persian times but differed slightly in that they featured more jewels and less feathers. The Persian version was also a little more like a crown as it had a tall cone like peak at the top and was more like a closed hat than the more modern open version.

Another common place where you might see a Tiara is in the Roman Catholic Church. The Papal tiara is a hat that is worn by the Pope. It is a ceremonial piece of headwear that comprises of three crowns that bear a globe and it is seen as an indicator of authority. This has not been worn for a while and it has been removed from the Pope’s Holy See coat of arms but it still plays a large symbolic role.

The modern tiara is a semi circle design that sits on the top of the head. It is usually a metal band that is more often than not decorated with jewels. Nowadays it is not used as much as a mark of rank or authority but more so as a form of adornment. Women usually wear them at very formal occasions to supplement a beautiful dress. They are often seen in events such as beauty pageants and are used to show which of the contestants have won and it is seen as a regal symbol. It is synonymous with head wear that would be worn by a princess and is as a result a very feminine item. Many women choose to wear them at their wedding. It is an extremely prestigious adornment.

The queen owns the most valuable collection of them in the world and people travel for miles to see her collection. They are property of the royal family and the queen is regularly seen wearing them at large occasions. It is said that the tiaras that she owns personally are priceless. She received the majority of these priceless items as heir looms but she has also received a number as gifts from foreign dignitaries. She was given a beautiful aquamarine tiara as a present from Brazil and Queen Alexandra has given her many of these gifts.

Vidal Sassoon tames unruly, satanic hair

Sassoon For the past several years, I’ve suffered through a slow, teary falling out with my hair. (Ha! … Hey, that’s not funny! … Damn, I made myself feel bad.) Which brings us to a spot that crosses low-rent Twilight Zone imagery with a typical Vidal Sassoon commercial. Appropriately enough, it is a Sassoon spot (click the box on the right side), tagged “Your hair knows” and promising “answers” to every conceivable styling question. I have only one: How could you leave me this way? Though, if my once-abundant locks began mumbling satanically and reached out to unplug the dryer, I’m pretty sure I’d scream like a maniac and yank out every last remaining strand.

—Posted by David Gianatasio