👁🦋💃🏻Love the friends, the enemies even more!Love the friends, the enemies even more! The former accept us as we are, not the others!

As long as friends represent only continuation, enemies may represent renewal.

Staying as we are by time too kills in us innumerable possibilities of an improvement that is necessary and fundamental.

Not that we are obliged to give answers to all those who mistreat us, but in a conscious attitude of showing them the best of us sometimes proves to be a valuable find too.

We are always better than we think and can behave much better than we have behaved ourselves!

With each new look, from a possible friend or foe we are at the mercy of a very personal value judgment, but our counter-balance always represents one more step … Your added value will be if this step is positive and forward.

The directions of the steps, as well as decisions and thoughts, feelings are individual and nontransferable, but I think a retreat can be salutary unless it represents an escape or alienation.

Thus the clash between peers and people not so close is salutary and extremely important for the growth of each and every individual.

It is clear that we depend on having a certain degree of understanding and discernment, that we are freed from pride and vanity so that we may discern in whom our own vanity, pride, wickedness and envy are opposed to us. The other may be launching on us his own inability to live …

Only in this way will we be able to see in our enemies new opportunities for our individual and spiritual growth.

There are times that those we call enemies are full of reason to oppose us!

Love friends, enemies much more …

But all too much love, like all unmasked hate, that causes blindness is not good, nor promote good.💃🏻⭐️👁

Edvaldo Rosa

Ame os amigos, os inimigos ainda mais!

Ame os amigos, os inimigos ainda mais! Os primeiros nos aceitam como somos, os outros não!
Enquanto os amigos representarem apenas continuação, os inimigos podem representar renovação.

Permanecer como somos por tempo demasiado mata em nós possibilidades inumeras de um aprimoramento que é necessário e fundamental.

Não que sejamos obrigados a dar respostas a todos os que nos destratam, mas numa atitude conciênte de lhes mostrar o melhor de nós por vezes se mostra um achado valioso demais.

Somos sempre melhores do que pensamos e podemos nos comportar bem melhor do que temos nos comportado!

A cada novo olhar, dum possível amigo ou inimigo estamos a mercê de um juizo de valor muito pessoal, mas o nosso contrapor representa sempre um passo a mais… Sua mais valia será se este passo for positivo e para frente.

As direções dos passos, bem como decisões e pensamentos, sentimentos são individuais e intransferiveis, mas penso que um recuo pode ser salutar exceto se não representar uma fuga ou alheamento.

Assim o embate entre pares e entre pessoas não tão afins é salutar e de extrema importância para o crescimento de cada e todo individuo.

Fica claro que dependemos de ter um certo grau de entendimento e dicernimento, estarmos despreendidos de orgulhos e vaidades para podermos divisarmos em quem se contrapõem á nós a sua própria vaidade, seu orgulho, maldade e inveja. O outro pode estar lançando em nós a sua própria incapacidade de viver…

Somente assim poderemos ver nos inimigos oportunidades novas para o nosso crescimento individual e espiritual.

Tem horas que aqueles que chamamos de inimigos estão cheios de razão ao se oporem a nós!

Ame os amigos, os inimigos bem mais…

Só que todo amor demasiado, como todo ódio desmensurado, que cause cegueira não é bom, nem promoverá o bem.👁🦋💃🏻

Robert Indiana, born Robert Clark (born September 13, 1928), is an American artist associated with the pop art movement. His “LOVE” print, first created for the Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas card in 1965, was the basis for the widely distributed 1973 United States Postal Service “LOVE” stamp. His media include paper (silk screen) and Cor-ten steel sculpture.   

 Just a few of The New York Landmarks The Plaza Hotel turned 100 years old in 2007, celebrating with ceremonies and fireworks.

The Plaza Hotel is the second hotel of that name on the site. The French Renaissance château-style building was designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh and opened to the public on October 1, 1907. 

      The Peninsula New York

The Peninsula New York is ideally located on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street in Midtown Manhattan, in the heart of the city’s most prestigious shopping, entertainment and cultural district. The hotel is within walking distance of Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue shopping, excellent restaurants, historic museums and exciting Broadway theatres.     

The Love Sculpture is one of the most famous pieces of pop art and just happens to be sitting on the corner of Sixth Avenue at 55th Street in midtown Manhattan.
In 1958, Robert Indiana was experimenting with LOVE as he played with poetry and art by placing the “LO” above the “VE”. Then in 1964, he was commissioned to create a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) that become one of its most popular items. Following the card’s success, he started exhibiting his art and sculptures in the “LOVE show” in New York. It would became an icon in the 60s with Hippies symbolizing the free Love and Peace generation.     

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Socrates said that the only life worth living is a well-examined life.

The reality is that human beings are complete spiritual beings.

Love and sex and other aspects of Humans.Sex is just one small part of our being.

Love and Sex are a very important part, and it’s definitely a gateway to other higher states of being that make up the human experience so great, but you have to look at Human beings as a whole and any talk of sexual compatibility but also involve emotional compatibility, mental needs, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual fulfillment and completion.

So take time to examine yourself well, do a lot of self-introspection, and in all things be true to yourself.  Try to keep it real.



Living fully means exploring and being happy with who you are, how you feel and who you are emotionally drawn to. 

What does knowing yourself have to do with maximizing sexuality compatibility, enjoyment, and fulfillment?

Mostly Everything 🙂

Heroes Mentors and Friends


Buddha said: “you, yourself as much as anyone in the entire Universe deserve your love and affection.”

See yourself as a wonderful, giving, talented and creative being. When we see ourselves, nature, wild life and the world as a creation of love that is all connected we begin to send out that energy.

Deepak Chopra says: “where our awareness goes, energy flows.”

If you look at the world and others as a selfish, dark place you will attract circumstances that match that energy.

When we truly feel and send out the energy of love, giving and compassion, we attract it back to ourselves. Try it. What have you got to lose?



I created this one-on-one hour called “The Power Up to Spirituality, Power Hour.”
*Thank you John Dowd Jr
How nice it is to wake up with a message like this 🙂