One of my latest build outs with my Team in Boston.

Nestled on the edge of Teele Square lies an incredible sun-drenched 3 bed, 3 bath condo that has undergone a complete gut renovation in 2017. You will be immediately impressed by the architectural detailing throughout. The coffered ceilings and wainscoting extends from the living area into the well equipped kitchen.

The chef’s kitchen features white quartz countertops, a huge kitchen island, custom shaker-style cabinetry, and Jenn-Air stainless steel appliances. There’s additional living space in the finished basement with a full bath, a dry bar, and a 3rd bedroom. Perfect for overnight guests.

The unit has 2 zones of Central Air and heat controlled by programmable thermostats, new plumbing, roof, electrical – the list goes on! There’s even 1 off-street parking space and a storage area in the basement.

Just a short walk to Davis Square –

Sold both units!






Early life

Sassoon was born to Jewish parents in London. His father was from Salonica (Thessaloniki in Greece), and his mother, whose family was originally from Kiev, was born in London. Although too young to serve in the Second World War, Sassoon became a member of the 43 Group, a Jewish veterans’ militia organisation that broke up Fascist meetings in East London after the end of the war. In 1948 he joined the Israeli Defence Forces to fight in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Influence in hairstyling

Sassoon’s works include the geometric, the wash-and-wear perm, and the “Nancy Kwan.” They were all modern and low-maintenance. The hairstyles created by Sassoon relied on dark, straight, and shiny hair cut into geometric yet organic shapes. In 1963, Sassoon created a short, angular hairstyle cut on a horizontal plane that was the recreation of the classic “bob cut.” His geometric haircuts seemed to be severely cut, but were entirely lacquerfree, relying on the natural shine of the hair for effect. Sassoon is a father of modernist style and has also been a key force in the commercial direction of hair styling, turning its craft in to a multi-million dollar industry.




Elan Sassoon 

Elan Sassoon, managing partner/chief operating officer of Mizu

There’s something to be said for that whole “destiny” thing. After a stretch in the movie biz, Elan Sassoon (yes, he’s the son of the legendary Vidal) proceeded to forge his own way in the beauty industry, launching a skincare line, running a chain of medi-spas, and developing a suburban spa concept called Green Tangerine. But he truly hit his stride with the practically concurrent openings of two Mizu salon locations: the first in Boston’s swank Mandarin Oriental Hotel this past October and the second only a couple of months later on Park Avenue in New York City. (Beverly Hills is the next market he’ll tackle.) But the thing that most intrigued us? Sassoon, the brains behind the business, doesn’t actually cut hair — though that may change, he’s quick to point out, when he opens up the 90,000-square-foot flagship “beauty academy” he has planned for Comm Ave.

*Elan Sassoon styled by Adriana Sassoon at Sak’s Fifth Ave Boston.Head to toe.Loving it!



Although both sexes can be victims hundreds or thousands of years of male dominated societies have created negative attitudes towards women among many men, leading boys to grow up with a deeply en grained sense of entitlement that women will do all the work of looking after them, even if the woman is also going out to work. While some women are aggressive and dominating to male partners the majority of abuse in heterosexual partnerships, at about 80%, is by men.

Fundamentalist views of religions which have developed in male dominated cultures tend to reinforce these attitudes. All the major world religions historically taught the dominance of men over women. Thus the book of Genesis states “in sorrow thou shall bring forth children: and thy desire shall be be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Such ancient texts provide men with justifications for abusing female partners. Fundamentalist religious prohibitions to divorce make it more difficult for religious women to leave an abusive marriage. A 1980s survey of Methodist clergy found that 21% of them agreed that no amount of abuse would justify a woman’s leaving her husband.

Many older and some not so old children’s stories contain gender stereotyping, and music videos and computer games for children and teenagers have been criticized for continuing to portray men as aggressive and in control, while the females are there only for their sexual allure; women are portrayed as wanting to be chased and caught when they run away.

Legal systems have in the past endorsed these traditions of male domination and it is only in recent years that abusers have begun to be punished for their behaviour.




Abusers may blame the the victim’s actions for causing them to lose control of their temper. It is often apparent however that they do not behave in that way with other people. When abusers smash up property in apparently random acts it often turns out that they avoid damaging their own belongings, and if law officers, called by alarmed neighbours, arrive the “uncontrollable rage” will be instantly switched off. At this point the abuser, who is calm, will often pass the blame to the victim, who is likely to be visibly disturbed.







may the sun

bring you new energy by day,

may the moon

softly restore you by night,

may the rain

wash away your worries,

may the breeze

blow new strength into your being.

may you walk

gently though the world and know its beauty all the days of your life. by Apache Blessing



“If women know how to be faithful to each other, perhaps we wouldn’t be governed by man.” AKS


Be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars.

In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. by Marx Ehrmann






up by Sr. Winston Churchill


” Promise yourself, no matter how difficult the problem life throws at you, that you will try as hard as you can to help yourself. You acknowledge that sometimes your efforts to help yourself may not result in success, as often being properly rewarded is not in your control.”  by Raj Persaud


” Violent criminals often describe themselves as superior to others – as special, elite persons who deserve preferential treatment. Many murders and assaults are committed in response to blows to self-esteem such as insults and humiliation. (To be sure, some perpetrators live in settings where insults threaten more than their opinions of themselves. Esteem and respect are linked to status in the social hierarchy, and to put someone down can have tangible and even life-threatening consequences. “



I have never been aware before how many faces there are. There are quantities of human beings, but there are many more faces, for each person has several.
Rainer Maria Rilke

LAW Against Verbal abuse
Section 294 in The Indian Penal Code, 1860 [I.P.C.]


Earth Day 2009 Clinton Foundation
Earth Day

  spacer Dear ADRIANA,Today, on Earth Day, I want to share with you the work we’re doing in the fight against climate change.In a video I just recorded, I speak about the urgent need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the economic recession, we have a tremendous opportunity to solve both our environmental and economic challenges. We can do this through investment in green projects that save money and create jobs.My Foundation’s climate initiative is focusing on bringing these solutions to major cities around the world. Next month in Seoul, we will help bring together mayors from some of the world’s largest cities to share best practices in urban efficiency.Two weeks ago, we announced that my climate initiative is working with the Empire State Building in New York (you can watch a video here) to improve the skyscraper’s energy efficiency by up to 38 percent, greatly reducing its carbon emissions and cutting its utility bills by more than $4 million a year. We’re also working hard to deliver practical solutions for large-scale clean energy generation and for the prevention of deforestation.We’ll update you next month when the mayors convene in Seoul to learn from the shining examples of how cities around the world are working with my climate initiative to fight climate change.I know there are many requests for your attention this Earth Day. Please support the work of the Clinton Foundation — we need your donations to continue to find solutions for cities, clean energy, and forests.With best wishes,Signature
Bill ClintonP.S. Today staff from our offices in New York are helping to plant a community garden in Harlem. Everyone’s effort this Earth Day, and each day, adds up. Please do your part for the planet and support our work. 










Watch Bill Clinton's Earth Day 2009 Video > Clinton Climate Initiative. Why Cities? With a majority of the earth's population now living in urban areas, cities are responsible for about 75% of energy use. Why Clean Energy? Fossil fuels are the source of most of our energy today and generate nearly 60% of global emissions. Why Forestry? Deforestation releases nearly 20% of global emissions and arrests the forests' natural ability to absorb and store carbon. Learn more about the Clinton Climate Initiative > Donate Now > Watch the Empire State Building Goes Green Video >



New York Office: William J. Clinton Foundation • 55 West 125th St. • New York, NY 10027
Little Rock Office: William J. Clinton Foundation • 1200 President Clinton Ave. • Little Rock, AR 72201


This past Saturday night, I attended the Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center (RoxComp) Gala at the Boston Four Seasons. RoxComp is a leading provider of primary healthcare and outpatient mental and social health services in Roxbury and North Dorchester, and provides these services to individuals regardless of ability to pay. The event featured a lovely dine around dinner prepared by the Four Seasons Executive Chef Brooke Vosika (who first wowed me with his dishes at the Tour de Champagne), a silent and live auction, and an intimate live performance by Oscar / Grammy award winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls, Sex and the City, The Secret Life of Bees) to cap off the night.

 The illustrious crowd included supporters from Next Street Financial, Color Magazine, Roxbury Technologies, ELAN & ADRIANA SASSOON from MIZU Salon, Children’s Hospital Boston, numerous press people (myself included!), and Governor Deval Partick.

                                            ADRIANA SASSOON  &  ATHENA YANG

Before the Jennifer Hudson performance, there were words spoken by Emcee Karen Holmes Ward, RoxComp CEO Anita Crawford, and RoxComp Chairman Ronald Walker II. There was also an intense live auction where bidding wars escalated as charitable event patrons dug deep in their pockets to bid on Chicago getaway packages, VIP packages at the Four Seasons, and $10,000 donations to RoxComp.

                                      Jennifer Hudson! American Idol /Dreamgirls.To All and  AJ (event manager) and her team at Creative Events made this an unforgettable night filled with great music, food, and charity.

For more pictures, please click here: Party Pics


Spring’s Stylemakers :April 2,2009


Boston’s fashion glitterati road-tripped to the runway at Neiman Marcus Natick for’s first fashion show. The Spring Stylemakers Fashion Show, hosted by Neiman Marcus Natick and attracted some 350 guests, decked out in trendy one-shoulder frocks and purple velvet smoking jackets. The theme of the evening? The power of the individual — common ground for Boldfacers and Neiman Marcus — and how it is expressed through fashion. Twelve stylish Boldfacers were invited to create outfits at Neiman Marcus that reflected their fashion flair and fire; models from Maggie Inc. were then asked to be that Boldfacer. That’s what we call dressing the part — on the catwalk…and in life.  
  Photographs by Chris Sanchez & Randy Gross


Boldfacer Stylemaker Participant and owner of MIZU Salon Elan Sassoon and his wife Adriana, Personal Stylist /Designer.



The backstage of : Behind the Man of Style.We got there early in the morning and, meanwhile Elan and My daughter went out for a walk around the mall I was left with a nice gentleman. With his help I was able to find all the materials to create the 3 looks for the event.I was happy with my choices.My looks were a bit more edgy . I guess a little forward for Bostonians.At least this was what they told me.We had some changes added by Lydia Santangelo, who works for Neiman Marcus.So these are the final results shown ate the Runaway…………………I hope you enjoy.



My FIRST LOOK: Wasn’t quite like that but…………. “A refined Jet Setter on the way to Saint-Tropez”. 

Black shorts, a White shirt with black stripes, a pair of  Black moccasins,GUCCI bag.(Accessorize your bag, with a small scarf , with the bright colors of summer, place the scarf on the handle of the bag).A pair of black shades is a must.


My SECOND LOOK : ” Walking around town”. 

Wasn’t quite like that, but anyhow……….

Rock Republic jeans with some Swarovisk buttons, the lavender  Shirt with a floral pattern and the shoes a pair of  Black mocassins.Accessorize the look with a white scarf on the side of the waist line, an inner purple shirt . The shirt should be worn loose on the waist, and to finalize the look a lavender wool sweater.


My Third look:  Wasn’t quite like that but…………

“A night out in Sao Paulo”.

Beautiful, off-white vest with an off white pair of paints, an off white belt, a black velvet pair of shoes for some contrast .accessorize, no shirt, only a vest with a black Sequim tie, with a beautiful pair of  blacelets.Lots of glitter!



Boston Elites Get Made Up at Mizu Salon!



Elan & Adriana Sassoon


Things got hot this past Saturday in Boston as Elites made their way to Mizu Salon in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for an evening of beautification, bevvies, bites and beats!

Upon entrance to the sleek, modern space at Mizu, Elites had the chance to watch a transformation of our makeover contest winners Anna F, Orly M and Deepa C. Check out the before photos of our gals:

                               DSC_0014 DSC_0017 DSC_0019

While the makeovers were taking place, Elites were treated to complimentary blowouts, hairstyles and makeup consultations with the Mizu staff and our friends at Sephora! On hand to provide a little liquid love for the event was local liquor purveyors Berkshire Mountain Distillers, serving up their signature cocktail, The Ice Pick, along with cupfuls of their delicious vodka, gin and rum! And with bartenders on hand from Drinkmaster Bartending School, the cocktails were consistently flowing! All the while, the makeovers were in progress:


Jenny N found herself loving the spread of pate and cheese provided by Sel de la Terre on Boylston Street, and cupcakes from Sugar in West Roxbury were designer for sure, with flavors like Cotton Candy, Milky Way, Pistachio, Chocolate Peanut Butter and ELEVEN more varieties of cupcakes!


Throughout the night, Andy from Wicked Good Records kept the music pumping and the mood elevated with his selection of funk, soul and dance music. Sara S was definitely loving his remix of Brittany Spears! And if that weren’t enough, Boston Photobooth was in the house, giving Elites the chance to get cute behind the curtain in their old-school style photobooth. The best part? Pics were printed on the spot and everyone took home their very own photos! And you check them all out here!


Our raffle winners Becki W, Susan J, John L and lucky plus-one Kaitlyn Z snagged tickets to Wine Riot, and Blair H‘s better half, also known as Lauren S, took home a pair of tickets to Cochon 555!


If you’re looking for photographic evidence of all the fun, check out pics posted by Trish F and the official photos snapped by Nathan E. And of course, if you’d like to add your own thoughts, jot down a few choice words here

And those makeovers? Check out the gorgeous results:





Until we meet again, Boston!

Cheers,Leighann F

Yelp, Inc. is a Web 2.0 company that operates a social networking, user review, and local search web site of the same name. Over 10.6 million people access Yelp’s website each month, putting it in the top 100 of U.S. Internet web sites.

After an aborted start as an email recommendation service, Yelp launched its namesake web site into the San Francisco market in October 2004 under the direction of founders Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons, both of whom were early software engineering employees at PayPal. The company received $6 million in early funding from venture capital firms Mission Street, led by another former Paypal-er Max Levchin, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Additional investments were made in the amounts of $10 million by Benchmark Capital in 2006 and $15 million by DAG Ventures in 2008. Yelp expanded from its San Francisco roots to open an east coast office in Manhattan in the first half of 2008 and by introducing a Canadian-focused version of the site in 2008. Yelp currently gets about as many pageviews as it its predecessor and closest rival, Citysearch, but is growing much faster.  Profitability is expected in 2009.



Matthew Hittinger is the author of Pear Slip, winner of the Spire Press 2006 Spring Chapbook Award. Shortlisted for the National Poetry Series, the New Issues Poetry Prize, and twice for the Walt Whitman Award, Matthew’s honors include a Hopwood Award and The Helen S. and John Wagner Prize from the University of Michigan, the Kay Deeter Award from the journal Fine Madness, and three Pushcart nominations. His work has appeared in many journals including American Letters & Commentary, Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts, DIAGRAM, Mantis, Memorious, Meridian, Michigan Quarterly Review, Oranges & Sardines and elsewhere, including the anthology Best New Poets 2005. Matthew lives and works in New York City.


Narcissus Resists

I am pleased to announce the release of my new chapbook Narcissus Resists.

In keeping with the spirit of the sequence, the chapbook is available both online and in print.
Head on over to where you can order a copy through Amazon or CreateSpace, read the online interactive version, and even listen to audio of me reading it.

Special thank-yous to Didi Menendez at MiPOesias who helped this project finally see the light of day, to Sean Keogh for the recording session, and to Connie Brady who lent me work for the front and back covers.  You can hear Sean’s work here and contact Connie here to see more of her work.

Narcissus now lives at  Spread the word!