This is Trull just another property we delivered in Somerville Massachusetts.

You ascend the stairs at 36 Trull and enter into an absolutely stunning, open concept living space. The European oak floors coupled with the coffered ceiling are show stopping.

The kitchen offers a large island, top of the line stainless steels appliances and stone countertops. From the kitchen you can see into the dining & living areas, ideal for entertaining. The floor to ceiling gas fireplace is another feature in this open concept space that really captures your attention.

Down the hall is your first bedroom as well as the first full bathroom, which can be accessed from the hallway or the bedroom. As you make your way up the stairs to the second level of this home you are met with a wide hallway, a bedroom and a laundry room that leads to another full bathroom.

On the other end of the hallway is the Master Bedroom with an en suite bathroom and two closets. During the day this unit is saturated with natural light. Includes two parking spaces as well as deeded outdoor space

Adriana Sassoon Design & Team Building The Art of Simple Living

Sometimes we have to give up the Artist the Perfectionist personality ” The Dreamer” without loosing the Vision of the essence of the dream in order to deliver what’s asked in reality by the consumer demands. Not everyone wants the ultra modern architecture or design .

Perhaps…. Maybe they don’t even know what it means!

Each individual evolve differently, but since I am an investor and real estate developer, I’m still a Designer .

But I also have a niche to supply this specific demand. I’m not going to let someone else take my business opportunity to supply what’s asked of me.

Maybe one day the same person who bought one of my projects will come back requesting the futuristic, edgy design aesthetics that I can deliver through my work and visionary mind.

At least I know I can make my customers happy at the moment.

That’s called #Gratitude

Thank you !!!!!!


Custom Features

Expresses the styling concepts of shear and layers with rammed earth

Multi-colour lifts specified by the architect

Rammed earth infill for the display counters

Technical Details

Rammed earth entrance wall was constructed on an angle

Beautiful hanging stairway

Location: Shanghai, China

Architect / Designer: A00



The Sassoon brand has long been at the forefront of design, starting with their roots in the Bauhaus and continuing today with their unique teaching methods and styles. The challenge of setting the Shanghai school as the new standard for China and the world was one that Sassoon took very seriously, extending it all the way into green initiatives.
True to its philosophy, A00 Architecture required that the design be able to tell its own story. Both inside and out, the project needed to express cutting edge hairstyling, innovation and ecological responsibility. In order to achieve this the Architects centred their design around the concepts of Shear and Layers; working principles that are fundamental to both Architecture and Hairstyling.
This story is most well expressed by the sheared and highly layered rammed-earth wall marking the entrance of the Academy. Projecting from the building, it serves to engage the public in Sassoon’s culture, a priority that was carried through the design of the entire facade. Next to the rammed-earth is a pixel wall that flows with the wind, mimicking the subtle shifting of hair and inviting the public to take a closer look. Finally, the remainder of the facade is a massive sliding wall which reveals an auditorium, claiming the plaza in front of the Academy as its own public stage.
Designed to accommodate 60 students and staff, the Academy is located in a refurbished steel factory and uses a simple palette of materials: earth, bamboo ply, stainless steel, and aluminium panels. Openings carved out between the spaces are used to emphasise the concept of layering, both inside and out. Similarly, compound angles reflected by dozens of mirrors reinforce the concept of shear.
Now becoming ubiquitous, low to no VOC paints and finishes were used throughout the Academy, as well as LED and CFL lighting. Additionally, the Academy pioneered the use of a grey water system to pre-treat their discharge water.



The Man who changed the fashion world with a pair of scissors.

O homen que mudou o mundo da moda com um par de tesouras.

Click below to watch video:



Elan Sassoon 

Elan Sassoon, managing partner/chief operating officer of Mizu

There’s something to be said for that whole “destiny” thing. After a stretch in the movie biz, Elan Sassoon (yes, he’s the son of the legendary Vidal) proceeded to forge his own way in the beauty industry, launching a skincare line, running a chain of medi-spas, and developing a suburban spa concept called Green Tangerine. But he truly hit his stride with the practically concurrent openings of two Mizu salon locations: the first in Boston’s swank Mandarin Oriental Hotel this past October and the second only a couple of months later on Park Avenue in New York City. (Beverly Hills is the next market he’ll tackle.) But the thing that most intrigued us? Sassoon, the brains behind the business, doesn’t actually cut hair — though that may change, he’s quick to point out, when he opens up the 90,000-square-foot flagship “beauty academy” he has planned for Comm Ave.

*Elan Sassoon styled by Adriana Sassoon at Sak’s Fifth Ave Boston.Head to toe.Loving it!


Jenna Malone at the Los Angeles Special Screening of "The Ruins" on April 2, 2008 at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles


Vidal Sassoon Hair Revival















The Quant: Sixties designer Mary Quant’s slick pageboy cut was a variation on Vidal Sassoon’s classic angular bob.There were other mod idols, too. Learn more about Mary Quant, a fashion designer who claimed to have invented the miniskirt. She and her husband were a driving force behind 1960’s “Swinging London.”













The Twiggy crop: The original supermodel was hailed as the face of 1966 when she went for a super-short boyish cut.

Twiggy really only had one look, but she took it very seriously. Although the mod fashion movement got its start in 1950’s London, it’s Twiggy who is frequently remembered as the face of mod.  Mod fashion was streamlined and bold, definitively minimalist. Look for geometric patterns, startling colors, and hemlines cut well above the knee.With her short-cropped mod hairstyle, neat side-part, and long, dark lashes, Twiggy epitomized the streamlined grace that so many mod kids exalted.

Twiggy’s fellow model Peggy Moffitt popularized the austere “five point” Vidal Sassoon haircut, the moddest mod hairstyle there ever was.











Forget Twiggy: American model Peggy Moffitt is one of the most iconic faces of 1960’s mod fashion. The actress-turned-model, who became muse to designer Rudy Gernreich, redefined the high fashion look of the era. Her Japanese Theater-inspired makeup and signature hairstyle came to represent the strengthening bond between pop art and fashion.Moffitt started modeling when she began dating photographer William Claxson, whom she later dated. Unconventionally beautiful, Moffitt’s symmetrical, almost cartoonish face redefined the qualities sought in fashion models, paving the way for superstar Twiggy.Moffitt and Gernreich continue to influence the fashion world, despite Gernreich’s death in 1985. Moffitt’s look remains popular in the haute fashion world, and several vintage Gernreich designs were redistributed under the Japanese label Commes des Garcons in 2003. 






















Depois das bonitinhas de plantão, o estilo atrevido e descolado das rebeldes sem causa faz sucesso novamente entre as celebs. O único probleminha é que, vez ou outra, elas perdem o rumo e exageram na dose.Elas não param de causar. Escândalo, sensação, rebeldia. Para o bem e para o mal. Abusam das mordomias, beijam mulheres na boca, se enchem de remédios, caem bêbadas em seus carros luxuosos, mas não saem das primeiras páginas de jornais, revistas e sites de celebridades. Agora atire o primeiro piercing quem não adora uma personalidade ousada, interessante, desafiadora e ainda por cima estilosa.

O motivo mais provável dessa atração é que, em parte, acabamos nos reconhecendo nessas bad girls. Isso porque não existe alguém que num dia difícil da vida não tenha desejado chutar o pau da barraca. Bernardo Jablonski, psicólogo e professor da PUC do Rio de Janeiro, explica que só não botamos isso sempre em prática porque pensamos no que os outros – o que inclui mãe, namorado, polícia, amigos, vizinhos – vão pensar. “Então, refreamos nossos desejos e nos satisfazemos assistindo ao desempenho dos outsiders, admirando e invejando quem ousa nadar contra a corrente”, diz.Amadas a distância e geralmente odiadas por quem está por perto, as bad girls que mais nos fascinam são as que têm algum talento para mostrar. Correm riscos, se expõem, mas acreditam no que fazem. E dão o seu recado. A seguir, algumas rebeldes de hoje e outras que já fizeram história.  Regina Valadares

A aristocrata italiana ficou conhecida na belle époque por andar nua sob seu casaco de pele. Acompanhada por um par de lulus com coleiras de diamantes, frequentou a nata da sociedade europeia. Seus empregados a serviam nus, com uma folha de ouro tapando as partes íntimas. Foi musa de artistas e designers e ainda hoje inspira a marca Marchesa.

A estilista inglesa não inventou o rock, mas foi quem melhor o vestiu. Seu estilo inteligente, anarquista e nada convencional é revolucionário. Aos 67 anos, ela é a avó de todos os movimentos que propõem mais e mais liberdade. Não existe nada mais inspirador do que uma mulher que se recusa a sucumbir, não importa a idade. E continua a inovar.




















Quanto é marketing e quanto é verdade, não importa. O fato é que ela é um símbolo sexy há 20 anos. Fez fotos eróticas, filme sexy, filme sério, teve filhos, casou, descasou e criou um estilo. Crucifixo, sutiã em forma de cone, chapéu de caubói, ela reinventa a moda e se reinventa. E, aos 50 anos, continua inteirona!