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Edeline Lee: Spring 2015 Video Fashion Week

Edeline Lee by Sabine Le Marchand 5


Canadian born Edeline Lee graduated from Central Saint Martins Womenswear and apprenticed in the studios of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. She then worked at Zac Posen in New York and as Head Designer for Rodnik in London.

Edeline Lee designs structured, feminine shapes, with clean modernist lines, a precise attention to craftsmanship and thoughtful decorative details.



Positive Chemistry!

Elan Sassoon  son of famed Vidal Sassoon is launching his line of hair care….Sojourn by elan s.

Adriana Sassoon & Elan Sassoon

Elan Sassoon is also Owner of Mizu salons in  New York and Boston.

Elan Sassoon's New Haircare line, Sojourn. Sojourn Shampoo Moisture: All I have to say about this shampoo is that after applying and lathering it through my hair, it felt so moisturized I didn’t think I needed any conditioner to accompany it! The shampoo smells wonderful – with a hint of citrus. It left my hair healthy-looking and silky soft to the touch. I can definitely understand the power of the exclusive Keratin Cashmere Protein they use in this product – it does leave your hair permanently conditioned.Sojourn Conditioner Moisture: Okay…so I know I just said that I didn’t necessarily need the conditioner after the shampoo, but I used it anyways—and guess what, my hair was even MORE moisturized. I used both the shampoo and the conditioner first thing in the morning right after I woke up. My ‘bed head’ hair had tangles galore. After using this conditioner my hair felt as if I brushed them all out. On the bottle it advises you to leave the product in for two to three minutes (so it acts more like a deep conditioner). I saw a result after one minute.
Conditioner Moisture, Texture Molding Paste, Shampoo Moisture, Monoi Oil

Sojourn Monoi Oil:

In other words. Wonder oil. It’s an ultra-light yet deep conditioning treatment specially formulated for chemically treated, dry, frizzy or environmentally damaged hair. This hydrating oil absorbs almost instantly and it doesn’t leave any residue or build up. When you first apply it, you can feel it in the hair. After about 15 minutes you can’t even tell it’s there. Hair feels a lot softer after this product.

Sojourn Texture Molding Paste: This paste has a thicker texture than the taffy, so it enables you to add a little more definition to any cut or style. You can use this product to create soft and loose curls or to stand hair straight up.

Sojourn Leave-in Detangler: it’s good to use for a little extra moisture and for tangle-protection! Comb this product through with a large toothcomb, and know that it can be used alone or before applying products.

 Elan Sassoon's New Haircare line, Sojourn. Sojourn Shampoo Colour Preserve: This is formulated with a potent plant-derived UV inhibitor for maximum protection against environmental free radical damage caused by UV light. The low pH locks in color and prevents premature fading for richer, vibrant, longer lasting color and shine.A few years ago, I dyed my hair a purple–maroon color. Since I was a lifeguard at that time I had no choice but to bake in the sun pretty much every day. After all that sun, my hair turned orange and definitely did not resemble its original color. Sounds like this product would have solved that problem…Sojourn Conditioner Colour Preserve: This product provides extra UV protection for colored, chemically treated hair as well as hair that has been overexposed to the harsh effects of heat, wind and the sun. Works just like Sojourn Moisture Conditioner.
Conditioner Colour Preserve, Sculpting Taffy, Shampoo Colour Preserve, Thermal Protection Straightener

Sojourn Sculpting Taffy:
I used a small amount on my hair while it was dry (you can use it on wet hair too). It added a little texture/separation to my layers and smells marvelous — like roses! This is an all-in-one sculpting tool that gives extra hold, shine and protection to long, short, or in-between styles. Contains maracuja oil, so it fortifies hair as it styles.

Sojourn Thermal Protection Straightener: I found this is a useful product. I have used it for the past week before I straighten my hair with a flatiron. In any situation, you should apply it BEFORE applying heat on dry hair. I sprayed it on my hair from roots to ends, one section at a time for maximum protection and moisture.

Sojourn Wet/Dry Volume Gel: I took about a quarter amount of this gel and applied it at the ends to my roots. It left my hair weightless and soft. After blow-drying my hair it was like Va-Voom Volume! It works also in dry hair for a more piece-y look.So what was my favorite aspect about the entire collection besides the healthy effect it had on my hair? The scent. Floral, Herbal, Citrus…I got a surprise from ever bottle I opened. Trying out Sojourn was definitely a pleasant experience.  Elan Sassoon's New Haircare line, Sojourn.
 Modern Salon by Lauren Salapatek Shampoo Volume, Wet/Dry Volume Gel, Conditioner Volume


Hair Structure


Hair is mostly made of a protein called keratin. Fingernails an the top layer of skin is also made of keratin protein. Each strand of hair consists of three layers.


1.An innermost layer or medulla.

2.The middle layer is the cortex.

3.The cortex provides strength , color, and the texture of hair.

The outermost layer is the cuticle. The cuticle is thin and colorless which protects the cortex.

The center of the hair is called the cortex. It makes up 80 percent of hair. It’s made of small fibrils that twist together to make the longer fibers stronger . The cuticle is made of of dead cells that overlap each other in several layers. The condition of the cuticle plays a part in the appearance of the hair. If the dead cells lay closely together (closed cuticles) then the hair looks shiny and healthy, however, if they lift up (open cuticles) the hair appears dull, dry, and tangles easily.

HEALTHY HAIR                                           
(Cells that lay closely together or healthy hair) 


(Lifted Hair Cells or damaged hair)

Medulla cells contain air pockets that are found inside the hair shaft which form the medullary canal. Lipids, a fat substance, is passed through to the cortex or cuticle from the medulla cells. Layers of lipids are formed to bind moisture and protein to the hair shaft. African American hair consists of 88% protein, 10-15% water, 5-10% pigments, minerals and lipids. The cortex and cuticle are formed from solid keratin fiber and the binding material is formed from amorphous keratin, which fills in the spaces inside the cortex and cuticle. The amorphous keratin holds the fibrous structure together.

Structure of the hair root


Benath the surface of the skin is the root of the hair , which is enclosed within a hair follicle. At the base of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla. The dermal papilla is fed by the bloodstream which nourishment the new hair produces. The dermal papilla is essential to hair growth because it contains receptors for androgen and male hormones . Androgens regulates hair growth.

 The Hair Growth Cycle


 Hair follicles grow in repeated cycles. A cycle can be broken down into three phases:

 Anagen – Growth Phase

Catagen – Transitional phase

Telogen – Resting Phase Each hair goes through the phases independent of the neighboring hairs.

The regeneration of hair is influenced by many factors:

  • health
  • hereditary factors
  • diet
  • hormone balance
  • age
  • physical condition
  • climate
  • chemical effects
  • sex
  • effects of disease


Your Hair is Hungry! Feed It! We all know that eating certain food is good for your body. But what about what’s good for your hair? Do you think washing and conditioning is enough? Think again. Your hair is hungry, and here’s information on how to feed it from the inside out. A healthy diet equals healthy cells, and your scalp is full of cells. It makes sense that when we eat healthy foods that help to regenerate cells, our hair will benefit. With hair growing at the rate of about ¼ to ½ inch per month, it needs plenty of iron, protein and all kinds of good nutrients to keep it healthy. Forget the supplements – you don’t need them if you eat right; let’s talk about getting what your hair needs from foods that you love. We’ll start with dark green vegetables, like spinach, green beans and broccoli. Chocked full of vitamins A and C, they help your body make sebum, that natural oil that’s found on your scalp that your hair thrives on. Dark green veggies can be eaten alone or in many recipes. (By the way, when you feel that natural oil on your scalp, massage it through to the ends of your hair before washing it out – it’s like a natural conditioner.) Let’s focus now on omega-3 fatty acids, a very good protein source. Fish oil contains plenty of omega-3, which promotes good circulation. Good circulation means more blood flow to your scalp, helping your hair stay shiny and hydrated. You can enjoy salmon and other fish, nuts, and ground flaxseed used in recipes, knowing that you’ll not only enjoy fabulous tasting foods but that you’re feeding your hair as well. Speaking of nuts, did you know they contain zinc as well? Not getting enough zinc in your diet can lead to your hair shedding, and since many of us experience thinning hair as we get older (that includes we women), we want to make sure we’re getting enough zinc in our diets.


Family Archives

Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon became the hairdresser of the Swinging Sixties

Vidal Sassoon, the hairdresser whose styles became synonymous with the Swinging Sixties, has become a CBE on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Now 81, he revolutionised hairdressing and went on to found a multi-million-pound international hair and beauty products empire.

Born in London, he spent eight years in an orphanage before becoming a hairdresser.

He started his career as a shampoo boy in a barber’s shop.

Iconic cut

Sassoon’s father left when he was five, and his mother had to put him and his brother into a Jewish orphanage because she could not afford to keep them. Vidal began working for the famous hairstylist Teasy Weasy Raymond, in Mayfair, eventually opening his own shop in 1958.

His clients included the Duchess of Bedford, and models Jean Shrimpton and Mary Quant.

His straight, geometric cut became a staple on every high street in Britain – bringing in the era of the “wash and go” haircut.

Later in the 1960s, he moved to California, where he still lives.

In the 1980s, Sassoon lent his name to manufacturers of haircare products and salons.

Married four times, Sassoon had four children with his first wife Beverly Adams.


*The Boss on Tuesday with his CBE medal. The only shot I managed to take at The Palace (photos inside banned completely) but there are official photos which will be sent to LA shortly.
It was a great day and he did brilliantly!
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BEIGE fragrance by Chanel to join the upscale line Les Exclusifs, modern compositions that interpret the olfactory heritage of Chanel to varying degrees. In house perfumers Jacques Polge and Chris Sheldrake envisioned a litany of shades for a completely new interpretation of an old rarity: Beige by Chanel was one of the rare vintage fragrancesthat hark back to the days of Gabrielle Chanel herself and formed a holy triad: Rouge, Bleue, Beige, inspired by her collection of dresses in red/blue/beige in jersey but also echoing the triptych of the French flag colours.

Coco turned beige into a symbol of elegance: “I take refuge in beige because it’s natural”. I distinctly recall that over a decade ago, this was used in the advertising surrounding the release of Allure Eau de Toilette (a different composition than the mono dimensional vanillic indulgence of the Eau de Parfum). Contrary to usual packaging practices at Chanel, the box was not in the traditional white of the numerotical fragrances No.5, No. 22, No.19 or of Cristalle. Nor was it the arresting black of baroque oriental Coco: it was beige! At the time the press release insisted that the choice had been made exactly to pay homage to one of Coco Chanel’s favorite colors. by Perfume Shrine

tips on hair

Official Notes for Chanel Beige: hawthorn, freesia, frangipani, honey.

Beige   by Chanel comes in the austere bottles of Les Exclusifs, in 200ml of Eau de Toilette. It’s currently a Saks exclusive but later will be featured in all the usual places where Les Exclusifs are exclusively available.

*Anisic Aldehyde results upon oxidation of anethol which is contained in anise oil, star anise oil and fennel oil. It’s also present in the extract of Tahiti vanilla and in Roman and French cassie blossom oils.


The Strength of Beauty in the largest and most complete Professional Beauty Trade Show in Latin America.
Show Dates: August 29th – September 1st 2009
Venue: Expo Center Norte- SP

Beauty Fair. The power of beauty for a better world

The Strength of Beauty in the largest and most complete Professional Beauty Trade Show in Latin America.
Show Dates: August 29th – September 1st 2009
Venue: Expo Center Norte- SP

Beauty Fair

“The power of beauty for a better world”


There are many ways of making the world a better place, but none of them is as strong as making a person feel happy about oneself.

This is the reason the beauty industry is different from others. Not more important; simply different.  Besides its economic strength, it exists because people want to be and become more beautiful.

Any segment or any industry can make the world a better place; however, the beauty industry can contribute far beyond as every item in every category is meant to boost self esteem and well being of everyone.

After all, beauty is a state of mind. That is why our industry is economically strong, regardless of the economic situation. It does not matter how rich or poor one is, getting beautiful will always be important.

This is what makes a difference in the beauty industry. And this is what makes the world a better place.

New Products – Trends – Education – Services – Conferences – Workshops

Summer Collection
Celebrating contemporary beauty

Showcasing: Trends, Information, Setting fashion.
Beauty Fair Summer Collection

This great Show of trends and information highlights the combination of Hair and Fashion. It is organized by Creative Director, Roberto Blaskes.
A much awaited spectacle, in which  fashion and beauty trends are shown, through the perspective of the largest beauty product manufacturers from Brazil and abroad presented by well known Main Stage artists.

More than 60 Brazilian and international hairstylists

The 14th edition of this event, will bring 60 professionals from different parts of Brazil and abroad to give special presentations. Creative Color International is didactic in approach, providing information through a series of shows, workshops and contests. The complete programming for the event may be accessed on the website Entrance charged for event.

Workshops for Professionals Professional qualification and market trends

This area is intended to offer beauty professionals contact with expressive names of the industry. At this venue the professional can become knowledgeable about trends and the market`s latest news besides refreshing education through conferences and technical workshops.

4rd Latin American Aesthetics Scientific Congress
Quality information for professionals

Always innovating and bringing knowledge about health and wellness.
4rd Latin America Scientific Esthetics Congress
Showcases the latest information and techniques in treatments, products, equipments, facial and body technologies presented by Brazilian and international speakers, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and estheticians through theoretical and practical demonstrations.

Workshops for Professionals
Venue where the most modern techniques in medical esthetics are presented.
Here, the professional participates in conferences and workshops with renowned doctors and estheticians to find out about the latest news in the industry.

Beauty Fair 2009
WBSA – Joining Forces Globally.

In 2008, through a Beauty Fair initiative WBSA (World Beauty Show Alliance) was created.
A powerful exchange alliance to bring together the largest Professional Beauty Trade Shows in the world. It was developed to shorten the distances between markets, to generate business and maximize opportunities.
– Premiere Orlando (USA);
– Expo Beauty Show – EBS  (Mexico);
– Salon Look (Spain);
– Expo Cosmetica ( Portugal);
– Expobelleza (Equador
At the WBSA booth you can speak directly to these international Show representatives and learn in-depth market information and strategies of how to participate in these countries. A great venue to make international connections.

Beauty Fair
Where the beauty professionals meet

Plan your visit.

Organization: Beauty Fair Eventos e Promoções Ltda.
                      Tel.: (XX–55-11) 3373-4633

Visit our portal:



 Mark Hayes


Mark Hayes
Diretor Internacional de Criação
Com 30 anos de carreira, Hayes ocupa uma posição de destaque mundial como designer de cabelos. É vencedor do título “Cabeleireiro do Ano”, concedido pela célebre Fellowship for British Hairdressing, em 2005 e 2008.

Sobre Mark Hayes
Mark Hayes nunca pensou em seguir a profissão de cabeleireiro. Foi com 16 anos, ao ver um profissional ser reconhecido por seu trabalho em um evento de premiação, que o hairstylist acreditou que poderia dar certo. Foi por meio de sua tia, cliente do salão SASSOON, que Hayes conseguiu seu primeiro teste para trabalhar rede, que, nesta época, ainda não era tão conhecida, mas já era vista como uma verdadeira indústria de experiências em cortes geométricos na década de 1960. Com curiosidade aguçada e um incrível talento para criar novos estilos de corte, Hayes não demorou a ser promovido. Em 2005, alcançou o auge da carreira quando foi nomeado Diretor Internacional de Criação, uma função de enorme responsabilidade, sobretudo porque Hayes segue os mesmo passos de renomados nomes da coiffure internacional como o próprio Vidal Sassoon, Roger Thompson, Christopher Brooker e Tim Hartley.

Sao Paulo, com a vinda de um convidado especial confirmada: Mark Hayes (FOTO), diretor Internacional de criação da Sassoon Academy. Fundada por Vidal Sassoon, ele ficou célebre por deixar o cabelo de Mary Quant geométrico, além de assinar o look curtíssimo Mia Farrow para o “Bebê de Rosemary”.


Mia Farrow

Por email, ele fala ao site EP do o que deve ser tendência de cortes de cabelo e cores, os looks mais pedidos e o que as brasileiras mais escolhem na hora de mudar o visual. Confira a seguir. 31.07.2009


Mia Farrow by Vidal Sassoon


Mary Quant by Vidal Sassoon

Sobre Vidal Sassoon
Hoje com 81 anos, Vidal Sassoon possui uma trajetória profissional de grande relevância para o mundo da coiffure. Sua carreira começou com a abertura de seu primeiro salão, montado em uma sala pequena no terceiro piso de um prédio na Bond Street, Londres. Lá ele pode experimentar novos estilos e técnicas de corte. Em 1963, apresentou ao público sua primeira grande criação: o corte bob (curto e angular, cortado em um plano horizontal). Mais tarde ficou famoso também pelo Five-Point Cut. Alguns anos depois, Sassoon emprestou seu nome a uma rede de salões que leva seu próprio nome e hoje é referência em cortes geométricos, sua marca profissional. Considerado o Picasso dos cabelos, Vidal participou de eventos importantes: foi o cabeleireiro oficial dos Jogos Olímpicos de Los Angeles, em 1984, e recebeu cinco mil dólares para realizar o corte de Mia Farrow no filme “O bebê de Rosemary”.

SITE EP – As mulheres estão mais audaciosas com corte de cabelo?
Sim, mulheres tendem a ter uma visão mais criativa da aparência, apesar de o mercado masculino de beleza aumentar num ritmo incrível.

SITE EP – Qual será a próxima tendência para o cabelo feminino?
São os estilos despretensiosos com muitas camadas sutis. O comprimento não será tão relevante, pois ele é determinado pelo bem-estar de cada um.

SITE EP – E as cores?
Luzes suaves adicionadas nas camadas inferiores do cabelo adicionam textura e movimento e, em parte, brilho extra ao cabelo.

SITE EP – Há um corte de cabelo mais requisitado na Academia Sassoon?
Os clientes da Academia Sassoon são muito receptivos e gostam de evoluir constantemente com seus looks. A maioria dos cortes são curtos e geométricos com flashes brilhantes de cor.

SITE EP – Muitos clientes pedem pelo corte de cabelo da Mary Quant, criada por Vidal Sasson, por exemplo?
O corte de cinco pontas que o Vidal cortou para Mary Quant é um grande exemplo do design do século 20. Ele já foi adaptado inúmeras vezes e evoluiu bastante.

SITE EP – O que você acha do cabelo da mulher brasileira?
Eu trabalhei com vários clientes brasileiros que são modernos e gostam de estilos glamourosos com cor.

SITE EP – Quais são as principais lições que se aprende na Academia de cabeleireiros Sassoon?
Nosso sistema educacional parece uma pirâmide. Ele começa com o método básico de corte e coloração, os fundamentos principais para se trabalhar com cabelo. Depois são incorporadas técnicas contemporâneas de corte e coloração. Finalmente no pico da pirâmide culmina a coleção criativa baseada em trabalhos que redefinem as barreiras da criatividade.Vidal Sassoon Academy.( SASSOON Academy)


 Sassoon Academy apresenta show exclusivo na Beauty Fair 2009

A 5º edição da Beauty Fair traz, pela primeira vez ao Brasil, a equipe de hairstylists comandada por Mark Hayes, Diretor Internacional de Criação da SASSOON ACADEMY. A Equipe apresentará um show exclusivo e ministrará um workshop para 120 profissionais.

Fundada em Londres pelo consagrado cabeleireiro Vidal Sassoon, a SASSOON ACADEMY é considerada um dos principais centros de formação de profissionais cabeleireiros do mundo.

Na Beauty Fair, a equipe de Mark Hayes lançará sua nova coleção para a primavera-verão 2009/2010 chamada Le Baiser. O trabalho é uma mistura da elegância da alta costura de Christian Dior e da sensualidade da atriz Hollywoodiana Bettie Page.

A equipe da Sassoon Academy é formada por:

Gareth Vance
Diretor Sênior de Criação
Gareth já participou de apresentações com estilistas consagrados. Sua inspiração vem dos colegas de trabalho, do mundo da moda, da cultura e música jovem e de suas viagens ao exterior como membro da equipe Internacional de Criação.

Traci Sakosits
Diretora Regional de Criação
Desde pequena Traci já sabia o que faria para o resto da vida – cortar cabelos e nada mais. Com ascensão meteórica dentro da SASSOON, Traci já apresentou seus trabalhos em várias cidades do mundo.

Leona Curran
Começou na SASSOON como aprendiz júnior em Manchester, na Inglaterra, com apenas 16 anos e hoje é uma das maiores estrelas da equipe. Leona faz apresentações, seminários e workshops no mundo todo.



Curly hairstyle, can be a blessing, but if it is not cut well, you can get a wild look to avoid this, you should always remember:

If curls are unruly, apply hair spray to palms and smooth over hair’s surface.

If hair is long or very curly, you can ‘straighten it’ with a large round or paddle brush, some straightening balm and a blower.

Most important of all a Curly hair should always be layered.

A  few options for short hair cuts, for someone that has curly hair. These are some very stylish looks for 2009.I love all these options.Not only for 2009 but for as much you decide to wear.It’s about feeling good and looking good.That’s a personal choice.













short-curly-hairstyles1Short Haircut Styles for Short  Wavy Hair in 2009




Apesar de ser originária na China, foi no Japão que o Shiatsu se tornou a terapia corporal do modo como é conhecida hoje. Ideal para tratar dores no pescoço, costas e joelho, a massagem utiliza o toque das mãos para reequilibrar a energia vital que circula pelo corpo em canais chamados de meridianos.

Shiatsu é derivada do japonês e quer dizer “pressão dos dedos” (SHI significa “dedo” e ATSU “pressão”). Tem uma abordagem terapêutica semelhante à usada na acupuntura e além da sua eficácia no tratamento de dores e mal-estar físico ou psicológico, o Shiatsu é tem também um efeito preventivo. 

A terapia é baseada na medicina oriental, que acredita que da mesma forma que o homem recebe a energia positiva da terra, o Yin, também está relacionado à energia negativa do cosmos, o Yang. Para o Shiatsu, os pontos doloridos no nosso corpo são, portanto, resultado do desequilíbrio entre os dois pólos energéticos, causando bloqueio de energia vital e dor.

Por isso a massagem utiliza pressão, ficção e movimentação de articulações e estruturas musculoesqueléticas, entre outras técnicas, a fim de promover a circulação da energia obstruída. O Shiatsu pode ser aplicado em pessoas de qualquer idade e não apresenta efeitos colaterais, desde que feito corretamente.

Fonte: Portal da Fisioterapia


A massagem de drenagem linfática manual é um método de massagem altamente especializado, realizado com pressões suaves, lentas, intermitentes e relaxantes, que seguem o trajeto do sistema linfático (Awada, 2003), mobilizando a linfa até os gânglios linfáticos. (Garcia, 2004). Ela drena o líquido acumulado em determinadas regiões, melhorando a circulação e a oxigenação desse tecido, seja abdome, coxa, glúteos, etc. (Bassalobre, 2004).
A drenagem linfática pelo método Dr. Vodder utiliza pressões graduadas e constantemente alteradas, imitando as contrações próprias da musculatura lisa  dos vasos linfáticos e acompanhando o ritmo dos mesmos; objetivando diretamente o aumento do volume de linfa admitido pelos capilares linfáticos e o aumento da velocidade de seu transporte através dos vasos e ductos linfáticos.
A linfa desempenha um importante papel no transporte de algumas substâncias, ajuda a eliminar o excesso de líquido e produtos que deixaram a corrente sangüínea, tendo ação imunológica, isto é, a linfa é enriquecida por anticorpos, funcionando como uma verdadeira “lixeira” do organismo. Quando o sistema circulatório e/ou linfático não cumpre corretamente suas funções, o corpo fica sobrecarregado por excesso de líquido que não consegue absorver. Na maioria dos casos, esse fenômeno se traduz por sintomas como celulite, retenção de líquidos, peso nas pernas e aparecimento de edema (inchaço), mais conhecido como linfedema. (Bassalobre, 2004).
O surgimento de edema está ligado à circulação linfática, seja diretamente em conseqüência do aumento do aporte líquido ou, indiretamente, em conseqüência de uma patologia linfática específica.

Em pessoas sedentárias ou com uma alimentação muito tóxica, a linfa é mais espessa e o fluxo se torna mais lento, levando a formação de edemas, celulites e até uma baixa imunológica geral.

As manobras de drenagem linfática exercem influência sobre algumas estruturas e funções biológicas, direta e indiretamente, tais como estimula a contração da musculatura lisa dos vasos linfáticos, aumenta a velocidade de transporte da linfa, aumenta a capacidade de processamento da linfa no interior dos gânglios linfáticos, melhora as condições de absorção intestinal, melhora a atuação do sistema nervoso vegetativo, aumenta a captação de oxigênio pelos tecidos, fornece a nutrição celular pelo maior aporte sangüíneo, fornece a eliminação dos produtos finais resultantes do metabolismo tecidual, aumenta a absorção dos nutrientes e princípios ativos através do trato digestivo, aumenta a quantidade de líquidos a serem eliminados.(Winter, 1973).

Em conseqüência de todos estes fenômenos temos o aumento do grau de hidratação e nutrição da célula, aumento da velocidade de cicatrização de ferimentos pelo aumento da vascularização arterial e venosa, aumento da capacidade de absorção de hematomas e equimoses, melhora do retorno de sensibilidade em cirurgias plásticas, diminuição de retenção de líquido nos tecidos prevenindo a formação de celulites, produz relaxamento. (Bassalobre, 2004).

A drenagem linfática manual é indicada em linfedema primário e secundário, celulite, linfedema de braço posterior a mastectomia, edema pós-operatório e pós- traumáticos, problemas circulatórios, pós-cirurgia plástica, pós-lipoaspiração, sinusite, rinite e otite, enxertos, varizes e pernas cansadas, edemas da gravidez e síndrome pré-menstrual, enxaquecas, artrose, artrite e gota, tendinite;tratamento de acne e rosácea, envelhecimento cutâneo.(Winter, 1973; Guirro, 2000)

As contra-indicações são trombose venosa profunda, tromboflebites, erisipela,infecção aguda, neoplasias malignas e diagnosticadas em atividade, insuficiência cardíaca congestiva (descompensada), história de hipertensão arterial e sintomas vagotômicos, asma brônquica de evolução grave e crises freqüentes, arteriosclerose em processo avançado, hipertireoidismo.(Winter, 1973; Guirro, 2000).