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Matthew Hittinger is the author of Pear Slip, winner of the Spire Press 2006 Spring Chapbook Award. Shortlisted for the National Poetry Series, the New Issues Poetry Prize, and twice for the Walt Whitman Award, Matthew’s honors include a Hopwood Award and The Helen S. and John Wagner Prize from the University of Michigan, the Kay Deeter Award from the journal Fine Madness, and three Pushcart nominations. His work has appeared in many journals including American Letters & Commentary, Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts, DIAGRAM, Mantis, Memorious, Meridian, Michigan Quarterly Review, Oranges & Sardines and elsewhere, including the anthology Best New Poets 2005. Matthew lives and works in New York City.


Narcissus Resists

I am pleased to announce the release of my new chapbook Narcissus Resists.

In keeping with the spirit of the sequence, the chapbook is available both online and in print.
Head on over to www.resistthis.com where you can order a copy through Amazon or CreateSpace, read the online interactive version, and even listen to audio of me reading it.

Special thank-yous to Didi Menendez at MiPOesias who helped this project finally see the light of day, to Sean Keogh for the recording session, and to Connie Brady who lent me work for the front and back covers.  You can hear Sean’s work here and contact Connie here to see more of her work.

Narcissus now lives at www.resistthis.com.  Spread the word!