Jay Pisano Boston Marathon 2009


 Hello, my name is Jason and I am 36 and I have Cerebral Palsy. I joined this site about two-and-a-half years ago. Before joining Lovebyrd I had never dated a physically challenged girl, but then it happened. I found a girl I connected with, but over time our personalities clashed and the fact that we live far apart eventually ended this relationship.

I thought I would give up on Lovebyrd and just go back to looking for relationships for myself, but then I decided to give this site one more try. One day early this fall I was just searching to see if any local girl joined the site that was “my type”. Sure enough there was a new member who joined and it said she was from the next town from me, but come to find out she currently lives in the virgin Islands and is awaiting housing here. Her name was Nina and she was very pretty and sounded like we had a lot in common. I immorally sent her a little note and a few days later she replied! From that day we have chatted and talked on the phone daily for the past four months. We really developed a close relationship.

Last week Nina and her wonderful came to Rhode Island to visit me for a week. We both were very nervous to meet face to face. We hoped the chemistry we had chatting would be as great as it was on the phone/computer. To our surprise we clicked even better than we ever expected. We were together the entire 7 days. We went shopping with her parents, out to eat with my friends, and even spent a cozy New Year’s Eve together just watching TV and talking at my house. To be honest I think that was one of the best weeks of my live.

I never thought I could ever be so in love with a woman with a disability. I hope in the not to off future to ask Nina to get engaged. I know we will have our struggles and we will not be rich but I feel our love for each other will help us overcome all the obstacles!

I love you Nina and thanks Mr. and Mrs. Garcia for accepting me as I am!

Jason Pisano.


* I have being blessed to be at Boylston Street, with my friend Diane. Jason was about to cross the finish line. I cannot describe my emotions as my tears were rolling down my eyes. From time to time, we have these encounters with these so-called special beings. I had my encounters. Jason thank you, for being so special. It was a pleasure meeting you. Success!


 By Inside Track  |   Tuesday, April 21, 2009  |  |  The Inside Track


Photo by Matthew Healey

While 26,386 Boston Marathoners braved blisters, cramps and dehydration during their self-imposed 26.2-mile trek to Copley Square yesterday, hundreds of Hub boldfacers partied ’til the last soul crossed the finish line.

And wasn’t that nice of them?

The new entry into race route parties this year was the swish Mandarin Oriental hotel on Boylston Street where GM Susanne Hatje hosted Red Sox [team stats] big guns John Henry and Tom Werner, who popped in after the team took its fourth game from the Orioles 12-1; Bryan Koop of Boston Properties; Mass Sports Partnership chief Paul Foster; Union Oyster House honcho Joe Milano and Mandarin man Richard Baker who flew in from the Left Coast for the foot-race festivities.

Over at PR princess Marlo Fogelman’s shop in the 600 block of Boylston, she broke out the Narragansett beer, shrimp cocktail and lobster sliders from Eastern Standard and whoopie pies from Baker’s Best at her third-floor digs.

On hand for the Marlo madness were real estate guy Mark Goldweitz and his wife, Joyce; Boston Music Awards ace Chip Rives; high-flying Cape Air gal Michelle Haynes; city events cheese Tony Nunziante; Nokona Brand mainman Josh Fink; XV Beacon GM Amy Finsilver; actor/bon vivant Richard DeAgazio and many, many more.

At Abe & Louie’s, “TV Diner” host Billy Costa and rival “Phantom Gourmet” foodie Dan Andelman toasted the runners with Boston Common publisher Glen Kelley and car czar Herb Chambers at a bash thrown by Mercedes Benz .

Then, across the street, there was a smattering of names and faces who gathered on the windy rooftop at the Lenox Hotel for what was billed by the Saunders Family as “the Longest Running Party.”

Spotted amongst the crowd schmoozing Jeff, Tedd and Todd Saunders were: New England Patriots [team stats] linebacker Tedy Bruschi [stats]; Boston City Councilor and mayoral candidate Sam Yoon; state Sen. Sonia Change Diaz; hair honchess Adriana Sassoon; State Room sweeties Jim and Alina Apteker; Boston Ballet artistic director Mikko Nissinen; attorney Tom Dwyer; Newsie Janet Wu; and a few Maggie Inc. models.

Cheers to all!

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