Ari Soffer, the Man, the Myth, the Stud(ded)
January 28, 2008

Ari Soffer is one of the hottest designers to hit the LA scene; do you know his work?

The Soffer Ari line of clothing and accessories is made entirely by hand in Los Angeles. Our leather
comes from Europe and the U.S. and is always the finest available. All buttons and hardware used
for clothes and accessories are solid .925 sterling silver or solid gold. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds
sapphires and other precious stones set into the buttons and jewelry are hand chosen and are all
genuine gems also of the highest quality. We use top of the line zippers from Riri Switzerland and
YKK U.S.A. All items in the Soffer Ari line are available in select stores or by appointment at our
showroom. All items are custom made to order with a full range of options.

Soffer Ari clothing and accessories are treasured by various clients here and abroad. Our leather’s
toughness, irreverence and take-no-shit style appeals to chicks, rockers and celebs from deep
within Los Angeles and all over – people who demand perfection, and want to feel what it’s like to
have blood in their veins. Colin Farrell, Djimon Hounsou, Robbie Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Tommy Lee and Steven Tyler are among an exclusive circle of patrons. If you have any questions or
to set up an appointment please phone 310.849.9272.

All items in the Soffer Ari line are U.S.A. made and are guaranteed for life.(Source)

Soffer has always made everything on his own, whether it be hand studding a cat collar for his feisty feline, Benson, or completely customizing his 1996 Rigid Frame Chopper with a Harley Davidson Engine, or even studding diamonds onto leather couch pillows. Ari strongly believes “things you really love should be exactly the way you want them, or are not worth having at all. While things are just things, if there is a piece of you in it, it’s timeless.” 

Working from his studio in Beverly Hills, his apartment is connected to his workspace. He believes that the proximity allows him to immerse himself in his work, which can be seen in the fine tooling.

Combining his passionate and refreshingly idealistic views with his education from The Art Center in Pasadena as well as his extensive experience with leather and fur in the fashion industry, Ari Soffer has successfully created a name for himself. Yet, despite being sought out by the likes of Tommy lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Djimon Hounsou, Jeremy Piven, Avril Lavigne, and Ne-yo, and showcased in the city’s hottest boutiques, for Soffer, it’s still all about making stuff he’s proud of.


Ecotones: Mitigating NYC’s Contentious Sites

Given the global and local challenges of climate change, the Landscape Architecture profession is at the forefront of New York City’s sustainability efforts.

Collaborating with governments, regulatory agencies, community groups, and design professionals, Landscape Architects are transforming ecological problems into opportunities for habitation and recreation.

With Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s sustainability plan, plaNYC, in place, the challenge is to understand the interconnectedness of the City’s green spaces.

Ecotones are transition zones between adjacent ecosystems.

In urban environments they emerge as contentious sites located between disparate or opposing forces: where industry meets the river; where community and industrial uses collide; where public and private interests merge.

These areas are often the unconsidered result of infrastructure improvements and building developments yet have the potential to be cultural and ecological mitigators.

The projects in this exhibition show us how sustainable practices, specifically, the collecting, cleansing, and reclaiming of water, can be used to mediate conflicting circumstances, integrating technical solutions with the social and cultural considerations that make for vibrant urban spaces.

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