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                    A  D  R  I  A  N  A       S  A  S  S  O  O  N

                          M o d e l  *   D e s i g n e r  *   P e r s o n a l  S t y l i s t   

My works consist of turning people and objects into” Diamonds”!

I work directly with Companies such as Magazines, Television and Film production houses, Music production companies, Agents, Celebrities and Wealthy clients. My functions are as follow: Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Shopper, Personal Stylist, Closet Organizer and Image Stylist,Executive and Company Workshops.

What does  STYLING  really mean?


styl·ist (stīlist)noun

  1. a writer, etc. whose work has style and distinction or is characterized by a particular style;
  2. a person who designs, creates, or advises on, current styles, as in dresses,shoes,make -up, etiquette,photo soots,marketing campaings,editorials ;
  3. a person who styles hair,apparel,interiors,exteriors,merchandise,tabletops,food,furniture,landscapes.
  • A designer couturier, couturière, fashion designer, decorator

    Styling is probably one of the most misunderstood professions of all. For many people, a “stylist” is merely a person who cuts hair and applies makeup. When one says, “I’m a stylist,” the first thing that comes into our mind is probably a beauty salon.

    A stylist is an expert who uses art and science to make people and objects look good in order to make a statement. If your first impression about the art of styling is merely about making a simple house cleaner looks like a million-dollar babe you are not alone.

            “Our work is the reflection of our image” A.S

  • Did you know that,your Personal impact is formed by:

    55%     Appearance & Self Assurance;

    38%   Speech elocution;

    Seven%   Content of Speech.

    The way you dress and present yourself can send a powerful message to people. This message can be negative or positive. Knowing how to dress for every occasion is essential. Knowing how to manipulate the right tools could win your next job or a promotion. Do you know the answer to these questions?

    What is your style?

    What is your brand?

    What is your budget?

    What are you trying to accomplish?

    Wardrobe Personal Stylist

    Analysis and reorganization of your personal wardrobe (clothes, shoes and accessories) in a simple and fun session. I choose and value sets already exist, advising pieces that are missing, those there are extras and the ones, which can be processed and reused, all duly photographed and saved on CD for further consultation. In this CD, you will also receive suggestions regarding the hair cut, color, self-makeup, fitness trends that fits in your biotype, personal style and professional, combination of accessories and personal marketing. Duration 3 to 6 hours- Cost N/A

    Personal Shopping

     Monitoring shopping, this will be previously scheduled on the residential consulting day. Duration-(depend on client need) Cost- N/A

     Personal Stylist Basic – Male and Female

    ·Individual and personalized consultation, which will be shared in two phases: interview and CD presentation with guidelines for haircut, self-makeup, and fitness trends for each biotype, personal and professional style, colors and accessories’ combinations and personal marketing. Duration 1 hour Cost N/A

    Fashion Consulting, Image and Style for Companies.

    ·Executives repagination

    ·Uniform’s creation


    On Line basic

    Individual Consultation & Interview

    Pictures and analysis of Silhouette

    Practical Make-up skill class

    “Adriana Sassoon 360 * Design from Salon and Beyond”

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