The Sessions Colour Calculator is an interactive colour wheel that helps designers select HTML, RGB, or CMYK colours and identifies colour harmonies and schemes. Our Colour Wheel works faster than any other colour wheel or html colour chart.

Designers may save HTML safe colour values, CMYK color schemes, or RGB colours to an integrated clipboard and email the colours to colleagues or clients. You can also rotate shapes on the colour wheel to identify harmonious color schemes, adjust the saturation and lightness of colours, or select a colour plan to use for a corporate identity or design project.

Colours may be selected and applied to both print and Web design – the Sessions color wheel color calculator saves hours of work. A color scheme can be further refined by choosing different designs or patterns with different complexity levels.

For a thorough examination of Colour, its systems, interactions and how to advantageously use this knowledge in art and design, please see Colour Theory.

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