Vidal Sassoon tames unruly, satanic hair

Vidal Sassoon tames unruly, satanic hair

Sassoon For the past several years, I’ve suffered through a slow, teary falling out with my hair. (Ha! … Hey, that’s not funny! … Damn, I made myself feel bad.) Which brings us to a spot that crosses low-rent Twilight Zone imagery with a typical Vidal Sassoon commercial. Appropriately enough, it is a Sassoon spot (click the box on the right side), tagged “Your hair knows” and promising “answers” to every conceivable styling question. I have only one: How could you leave me this way? Though, if my once-abundant locks began mumbling satanically and reached out to unplug the dryer, I’m pretty sure I’d scream like a maniac and yank out every last remaining strand.

—Posted by David Gianatasio



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