Woman works to light up Boston’s skyline

One woman is working on painting parts of the Boston skyline’s canvas with light.

Lana Nathe of Light Boston, and 30 other lighting experts, want to add modern lighting designs to structures around the city. They hope to thrust Boston further into the international spotlight.

Nathe has already made her impact felt – she re-lighted the Old North Church for former president Bill Clinton’s visit last fall.

Light Boston’s long-term goal is to light nine buildings known as the “Diamond Necklace.” Short term, they are focusing on the Convention Center.

While Phillips will donate some of the supplies, including energy-efficient lightbulbs, Nathe hopes the rest of the bill will be paid for with private donations and grants.

Light Boston, Inc.’s mission since 1996 ,is to illuminate 25 Historic Boston bldgs “permanently” – one of these buildings is included in the illuminate Boston’s First Festival of Light, which will temporarily illuminate 10+ bldgs & bridges along the Seaport & Fort Point Channel in Boston in mid October founded by Lana Nathe in 2007.

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