Legend of the Temple of Nine Wells

Legend of the Temple of Nine Wells

Before the Beginning of Beginnings
Before the Birth of the Aeons
Before even the Great Night of Time
In Rhythm and Motion
The Source of Sources awakened
and Life stirred
From One came Two, Spirit and Matter
Inextricably, Eternally Merged.
The Two Holy Primal Powers of Goddess and God
Attained Self-Awareness.
In Sacred Union and Divine Embrace,
Together they begat Mind and Cosmos
and the very Spirit of Life itself.
From their Union came forth
Those Central Sparks of Light, Love and Life.
Once again, She gave birth
That Great Womb of Worlds,
Once again the Twain became One.
The Great Mother gave birth to the Child of Promise
and the Cycle of Existance began.

Many are the Names and Aspects of the Great Mother,
Yet She is One.
Many are the Names and Aspects of the God,
Yet He is One.
Polar Powers, Eternal Balance
Goddess and God,
In Union they are One.

Then Light, Love and Life
In Triune expression
Flashed forth Seven Rays and Nine Vessels to hold and contain Them
To concentrate, emanate and dispense
The varied blessings pouring forth
From the Source of All Sources
And those Blessed Wellsprings we invoke here this night…

The Well of Wisdom
The Well of Healing
The Well of Empowerment
The Well of Magick
The Well of Love
The Well of Understanding
The Well of Beauty
The Well of Peace
And The Well of Wholeness

From Within to Without
Let these Rays shine forth from this place
And may all who join us in worship at the Temple of Nine Wells
And partake of these sacraments
Share in their Blessings, Virtues and Delights.

So Mote It Be!


Rev. HP Rich Ravish
Temple of Nine Wells – ATC ©2001 

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