Soffer Ari

Adriana & Ari

Adriana  &  Ari
About Soffer Ari :
In 1995 Ari founded S.A. Leather when he created his first piece, a pair of handmade leather pants, which quickly became a necessity among the Hollywood Elite. Soon after he created his leather pants customers wanted belt straps and buckles to match. Ari quickly became the go-to person for custom pieces for movies and rock tours. Today, Ari houses a complete lifestyle collection and has earned a reputation for distinction, beauty, and quality craftsmanship.
The Soffer Ari collection is a very large and extensive collection. Ari has chosen some of his favorite pieces to offer in this online store. If you do not see what you are looking for in this store, you can send an email and order almost any piece that is shown on Ari’s online catalog which is viewable under “online catalog” at





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