Earth Day 2009 Clinton Foundation
Earth Day

  spacer Dear ADRIANA,Today, on Earth Day, I want to share with you the work we’re doing in the fight against climate change.In a video I just recorded, I speak about the urgent need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the economic recession, we have a tremendous opportunity to solve both our environmental and economic challenges. We can do this through investment in green projects that save money and create jobs.My Foundation’s climate initiative is focusing on bringing these solutions to major cities around the world. Next month in Seoul, we will help bring together mayors from some of the world’s largest cities to share best practices in urban efficiency.Two weeks ago, we announced that my climate initiative is working with the Empire State Building in New York (you can watch a video here) to improve the skyscraper’s energy efficiency by up to 38 percent, greatly reducing its carbon emissions and cutting its utility bills by more than $4 million a year. We’re also working hard to deliver practical solutions for large-scale clean energy generation and for the prevention of deforestation.We’ll update you next month when the mayors convene in Seoul to learn from the shining examples of how cities around the world are working with my climate initiative to fight climate change.I know there are many requests for your attention this Earth Day. Please support the work of the Clinton Foundation — we need your donations to continue to find solutions for cities, clean energy, and forests.With best wishes,Signature
Bill ClintonP.S. Today staff from our offices in New York are helping to plant a community garden in Harlem. Everyone’s effort this Earth Day, and each day, adds up. Please do your part for the planet and support our work. 










Watch Bill Clinton's Earth Day 2009 Video > Clinton Climate Initiative. Why Cities? With a majority of the earth's population now living in urban areas, cities are responsible for about 75% of energy use. Why Clean Energy? Fossil fuels are the source of most of our energy today and generate nearly 60% of global emissions. Why Forestry? Deforestation releases nearly 20% of global emissions and arrests the forests' natural ability to absorb and store carbon. Learn more about the Clinton Climate Initiative > Donate Now > Watch the Empire State Building Goes Green Video >



New York Office: William J. Clinton Foundation • 55 West 125th St. • New York, NY 10027
Little Rock Office: William J. Clinton Foundation • 1200 President Clinton Ave. • Little Rock, AR 72201


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