We knew Alice in Chains would be putting out their long-awaited comeback album some time in September, but now we know what the record will be called and when exactly it’s coming. Black Gives Way to Blue, the group’s first studio effort since 1995’s Alice in Chains and the first with new co-lead singer William DuVall, hits stores September 29 through EMI/Virgin.

“We were just hoping to make the best record we possibly could, and we did that. Sean and I talk a lot about (how) when you do a record, you’ve been working on it a long time and you’re pretty sick of it by the time somebody else hears it. You’re already thinking of the next thing. And we’re still listening to this. It’s still like really exciting to listen to, and that’s really good.”


* A picture of my Poster! I have to get the signature’s .Frame it for my son.The Party started at 7 pm. Started with the release of the Album. All the songs recorded on a Cd were played along some visual images from the Album on the screens. The band performed 3 songs on stage.And finito.Was fun.The release was at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood.Located at 1615Vine st, CA.

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