Adriana Sassoon Fashion Boston Party  at Beehive Boston

Adriana Sassoon and Model’s

Fashion Week Boston starts September 25th to October 2nd.

The Boston Fashion Week started with a timid Party at the Beehive on Friday the 9/25. Saturday was ruled by “Recessionista Shopping Tour”  and Sunday “Fashion Evolution”.Boston Fashion Week  is evolving. It cannot be compared to Sao Paulo, NY, Paris, London or Milan.The Boston community should support their local designers.I interviewed  designers during the weekend.

At the “Fashion Evolution” Forever Party I interviewed Cindy Mathieu a Canadian designer, David Chum and Delise Ana Parker.Cindy Mathieu brought over to the show one of her gowns worn by ETC show host  Cheryl Hickey.Designer David Chum just  re:released his women’s collection  called “Sela Do’r”. At the same show designer Delise Ana Parker showed  an orange synthetic Leather Gown with feathers.

“Semana de Moda de Boston, ainda nao pode ser comparada a uma Sao Paulo Fashion Week!”

Por Adriana Sassoon

A semana de moda de Boston, comecou na ultima Sexta 25/9 com uma festa um pouco timida na Beehive.O final de semana ficou por conta de “Recessionista Shopping Tour” no Sabado e “Fashion Evolution” no Domingo. Nem de perto a Semana de moda de Boston, pode ser comparada a uma SPFW. O Brasil esta  muito a frente neste quesito! A SPFW e considerada uma das mais conceituadas semanas de moda do mundo.Tanto pela criatividade como tambem em qualidade e desenvolvimento do Design de Moda.Entrevistei dois designers durante a “Fashion Evolution” .Cindy Mathieu uma designer Canadense, que ja teve seu trabalho divulgado pela apresentadora do  Entertainment Tonight Canada Cheryl Hickey , David Chum que lancou sua colecao “Sela Do’r” em Marco deste ano e a designer Delise Ana Parker,mostrou um vestido em couro sintetico laranja com plumas.A semana promete mais.

Cindy Mathieu Mother of Pearl Dress

Cindy Mathieu Mother of Pearl Dress

David Chum & Model's Fashion Evolution

David Chum and Model’s

Delise Ana Parker Orange Leather Dress with feathers

Delise Ana Parker her Orange synthetic Leather gown with Feathers

All images are courtesy of Ian Larraga Phorography

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  1. What’s up?. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back over here in a couple of days to see if there is updated posts.

    1. AL,
      Thank you for living a comment.I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.Love to have you write an articles or pics on my Blog.Please let’s share some articles. I would love to share information.
      All the best;
      Adriana Sassoon

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