Early life

Vidal Sassoon é um cabeleireiro inglês, nascido em Londres, em 1928. Nos Estados Unidos estudou na universidade de Nova Iorque. Como cabeleireiro, notablizou-se por ter criado uma forma de penteado baseada na Bauhaus e nas formas geométricas.Vencedor de vário prémios, foi presidente da Multinacional Vidal Sassoon, presidente da Fundação Vidal Sassoon .


Influence in hairstyling

Sassoon’s works include the geometric, the wash-and-wear perm, and the “Nancy Kwan.” They were all modern and low-maintenance. The hairstyles created by Sassoon relied on dark, straight, and shiny hair cut into geometric yet organic shapes. In 1963, Sassoon created a short, angular hairstyle cut on a horizontal plane that was the recreation of the classic “bob cut.” His geometric haircuts seemed to be severely cut, but were entirely lacquer-free, relying on the natural shine of the hair for effect. Sassoon is a father of modernist style and has also been a key force in the commercial direction of hair styling, turning its craft in to a multi-million dollar industry.

He was a very influential person to people all over the world; especially those who have become cosmetologists. By the early 1980s, after moving to the United States, Sassoon had sold his name to manufacturers of haircare products and the multinational Procter & Gamble was applying his name to shampoos and conditioners sold worldwide. Former salon colleagues also bought Sassoon’s salons and acquired the right to use his name, extending the brand in salons into the United Kingdom and United States. However, in 2003, it was reported that Sassoon was suing Procter & Gamble for destroying his brand by skimping on marketing in favor of the company’s other hair product lines, notably Pantene. Also in 2002, the chain of Vidal Sassoon salons was sold to Regis Corporation. By 2004, it was reported that he was no longer associated with the brand that bears his name.[citation needed] Vidal Sassoon has authored several books, including A Year of Beauty and Health co-written with his former wife, Beverly Sassoon. He also had a short-lived TV series called Your New Day with Vidal Sassoon in the late 1970s.


In 1967, Vidal Sassoon married Beverly Adams. They had four children,CATYA, ELAN, EDEN  including an adopted son DAVID. One daughter, actress Catya Sassoon, died of a drug overdose on January 1, 2002. The couple divorced in 1980.



Hair is nature’s biggest compliment and the treatment of this compliment is in our hands. As in couture, the cut is the most important element … haircutting simply means design and this feeling for design must come from within. ”VS
The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. ”VSsassoon-trend-51202



Vidal Sassoon stands for Very Simple and Very Stylish! Vidal Sassoon is the consumer brand that experts use when it comes to delivering fabulous haircare. The best of technology is used by Vidal Sassoon to deliver the ultimate in hair styling product expertise. Vidal Sassoon’s products are for the modern individual with the know-how and expectation of living in the 21st century.

Vidal Sassoon’s hair styling products are renowned in the world of fashion for bringing style and confidence to today’s image conscious consumer. Innovation, experience and value are all top of the agenda with Vidal Sassoon, the world leading authority on haircare.

Vidal Sassoon brings the vital hair styling tools for the modern sophisticate enabling you to create those elegant, silky and shiny looks.


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  1. I see that a lot of people are having problems with theirs heating up. Mine heats up very fast and in reality it’s a little to hot so I put it closer to low or in between low and medium. My hair is very thick and coarse and well nappy but it gets my hair super straight. It doesn’t snag and it’s really easy to glide. I would recommend this to anyone with really thick hair.

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