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One of the most effective methods for detoxification is the one in which raw fruits and natural fruit juices are used. The fruit nutrition is an excellent remedy for excess organic toxicity because it redresses the alkaline state of the body, eliminates acidic chemicals in our organisms and helps us lose weight by providing us with a lot of energy at the same time.The colon is the most required part during detox, because will be the medium which more than 70% of waste in the organism is eliminated.

People that use the fruit diet usually remove all the dead cells, fat excretions and other unhealthy element from their bodies. When eliminating the toxins, our body will make use of all the ways in which it can do this: urine, excrements, skin, mouth, sinus.

The digestive tract processes the meals we eat and when filling it with unhealthy products from junk food, it will become heavy with toxins. These toxins are also released in our body through the walls of the colon and reach the blood stream. From here, toxins dissipate all through our body and lead to various mild or serious diseases.

Of all the fruits, citrus fruits, especially lemons, grapefruits and oranges, have the most beneficial and powerful effect on the detoxification process. Other fruits that will also enhance waste removal from the body are pineapples. But besides these, note that all fruits intake leads to a healthy way of living and works very well upon the organism.

The fruit diet and toxins elimination will have miracle effects upon our health not only by removing all the waste and poisonous compounds from the blood stream and the rest of the body (colon, liver, heart etc). Eating fruits helps us get rid of allergies, vitalizes and energizes us and leads to a good stamina, improves eyesight, makes our nails, teeth and hair stronger and healthier, our skin becomes radiant and sweet smelling. Also, our cognitive function and mental abilities are stimulated and increased, while emotional disorders such as stress or anxiety


Removing meat from your diet is essentialOne day a week, give your stomach a much needed rest. Have a day drinking just blended smoothies, or just fresh fruit juice, or ideally drinking just water (lots).

Lower your own environmental impact: it’s green to go vegetarian

Try replacing caffeinated drinks with herb teas (there are hundreds) or simple, pure water. Water is essential for our bodies, and carries toxins out of the blood stream, so drink as much water as you can enjoy throughout the day. It balances out the dryness from cooked meals. Also watery fruits help to hydrate the body.

Wheat can be especially hard work for the stomach, so try breads made with rye or corn or even rice flour. Tasty alternatives are there if you look for them! Rice cakes and oat cakes are good with spreads. If you must have wheat, choose whole grain.

Try replacing cows milk dairy products with sheep or goat milk products instead. It is more easily digested by your stomach. Soya or rice milk is another tasty alternative.

Try replacing refined sugar with raw agave syrup, raw honey, maple syrup or barley malt. Foods with sugar tend to overstress the body. Sweet ripe fruit often beats any sugar cravings.

Always take your time with food. Try to eat when you feel relaxed and take your time to taste, chew and appreciate every mouthful. You will enjoy it more, and need less of it!

Listen to your stomach – it speaks wisdom! If you eat when you really feel hunger, it improves digestion and energy levels. Eating just enough food to feel satisfied also greatly helps in this respect.

Smoothies (blended foods) are a great way to eat more in less time, and are very helpful for the stomach, as most of its work is already done. Try anything blended with water, fruit juice or soy milk. Avocados and bananas make very good smoothies. Experiment.


After many years of unhealthy eating – with respect to the foods eaten and our emotional state when eating – our bodies carry physical and emotional toxins that can hinder the expression of our full life-force, and subsequently, our happiness.

There are many simple and enjoyable ways that we can begin to let go of these limiting toxins from our bodies, and regain the vitality and enthusiasm for life that is our natural state.


First thing in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice, and honey if needed. This flushes out toxins released during the night and balances the body.

Eating raw food is detoxifying in itself – especially watery, juicy fruits. Buy a book on raw food preparation (you will be surprised by the possibilities!), and try a few days eating uncooked meals. A week is ideal.

Milk thistle extract is a wonderful liver cleanser. A few drops in water every day will help your liver greatly. It is available from health food shops and pharmacists.

Saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis encourage a greater rate of detoxification. Be gentle, don’t push yourself too far beyond what is comfortable.

Finally, relaxing as much as possible really helps your body detoxify. Take baths, go for walks, simply breathe, or do whatever puts you in a peaceful state. Relaxation of the mind and body is the key to greater health and happiness. Aim to be in a relaxed state from morning until night, and then observe what thoughts take you away from that state of relaxation. Detoxify your mind as well as your body.


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