According to the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine, 183 million lbs of lobster are caught annually in the US and Canada, of which 25 per cent are sold live.

Everyday the world is losing plant and animal life. All living things are dependent upon one another to survive. This article lists different sites that can be access to inform the reader of the serious nature of this problem and ways in which this problem can be addressed.

Leghold traps are one of the cruelest methods imaginable for catching animals. It does not matter if the animal is the lowliest mole or a beautiful wolf. The animal experiences the most excruciating pain when the trap springs shut. It is then subjected to predators, inclement weather, suffering and terror.

If or when a person checks the traps, the animal will be killed, not always humanely. Often they are just left to die in agony. Traps are indiscriminate. Non-targeted animals are often caught, such as endangered species and pets.

Cruelty to Animals

Commercial fishing is cruelty to animals on an almost unimaginable scale. Fish look so unlike humans that many people don’t realize that they feel pain, just as we do and lead complex intellectual lives that rival those of dogs and some other mammals. The way that these animals are treated by the commercial fishing industry should make animal lovers everywhere give up their taste for fish flesh for good. 

Commercial fishing has become a big business, and the methods used to catch and kill the animals are as cruel as those used by factory farmers or slaughterhouse operators. In fact, the methods used to kill fish indicate that commercial fishers see their prey as no more sentient than rocks on a mountain—and the horrible cruelty that they inflict on hundreds of billions of fish is completely unregulated.


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