“My Intangible Truth”
Up Close and Personal with Bruno Mascolo


Walking along Davis street in London’s Mayfair. One of the smartest streets in central London in the mid 1970s, I saw a new beauty salon that had been featured in the trade magazine Hairdressers journal: “Toni&Guy”Four brothers Toni, Bruno, Guy and Anthony had been achieving some editorial coverage for their hair photographs. Their original salon was in a south London suburb Balham. Now they were aiming there sights high and the focus was on making a name and reputation for themselves bang in the heart of London’s Davis street, a stones throw from Bond street. You have to dedicate heart and soul mind and body on being a success, you have to give up so much at an early age.

Bruno Mascolo,Shane-,Harold Leighton and Guy Mascolo

I had already joined Glemby International (now part of the Regis group)  whose office was just around the corner in Grosvenor street. My walks through Mayfair were a daily ritual to see the beautiful women coming out of the top hairdressing salons, Martin Douglas, Rene, Raymond, Steiner, Dumas and Vidal Sassoon to name a few.

My next free time I walked into their salon and introduced myself to the brothers and from that time on we have been friends. I have watch them grow  in the world of fashion and become world statesmen photographer and product magnates into multi millionaires. Their name is around the globe in hair, their products are advertised in Vogue, Womens Wear Daily Harpers Bazaar internationally. If they sneeze they are written up in the media!

The names of there products range from Toni&Guy BedHead, Catwalk,TIGi, S Factor and makeup are sold around the world. In 2009 tragic news that Guy a talent in hair music writing, brother mentor and friend died suddenly some six weeks after they had sold part of the company to Unilever.  Like their father Guy had a huge passion with hair and  music, the brothers all mixed with artist musicians editors and grew so close developing their outside talents in the arts’ Guy’s talent and passion about his music art football and still playing in his sixties. His art captured the very essence of subjects and often sold his paintings to raise money for charities. As a talented guitarist he and all the brothers had such artistic talent, maybe one day there works will be in a museum!  Elder brother Tony went his own way with his family still in the hair salon business in Europe.

Today Bruno is CEO, Anthony the youngest and Image producer trend setter with hair and photography lives out of Battersea London and part on an air plane traveling the globe. Open almost any fashion magazine and you will always see there advertising on there product lines that stands out alongside L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken.

To mention the talent of the brothers in one feature is impossible and hope that I can show you the art side of the image maker Anthony Hairdresser and photographer. With offices and homes in London Dallas and LA they travel the world teaching training at hair shows almost weekly, an amazing task even at a young age.

In 2008 I was privilege to be asked to visit Bruno and Guy in Dallas to see the structure, workings of this vast organization and was astounded to see how they had grown since the mid 1970’s. On visiting Bruno’s home I saw his other side – an artist that has given me the insight of this talented man and given me the opportunity to show and tell and to share with readers of  The Epoch Times in this EXCLUSIVE interview. Not normally seen in this light. I felt the story had to be told and in Bruno’s words below with his own words “Intangible Truth”.

Colaboration of Harold Leighton,Paintings by Bruno Mascolo,Photographs Harold Leighton for Adriana Sassoon.


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