Jacque Fresco (born March 13, 1916) is an activist, industrial designer, author, lecturer, futurist, inventor, and the creator of The Venus Project.Fresco has worked as both designer and inventor in a wide range of fields spanning biomedical innovations and integrated social systems. He believes his ideas would maximally benefit the greatest number of people and he states some of his influence stems from his formative years during the Great Depression.

The Venus Project was started in the mid-1970s by Fresco and his partner, Roxanne Meadows. The film Future by Design was produced in 2006 describing his life and work. Fresco writes and lectures extensively on subjects ranging from the holistic design of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management and advanced automation, focusing on the benefits it will bring to society.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project part 2

The Venus Project part 2

The Venus Project On Fox News 7

The Venus Project

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The Venus Project was started around 1975 by Fresco and by former portrait artist, Roxanne Meadows in Venus, Florida, USA. Its research center is a 21-acre (85,000 m2) property with various domed buildings of his design, where they work on books and films to demonstrate their concepts and ideas. The research center is now for sale at a price of $650,000.00. Fresco has produced an extensive range of scale models based on his designs.  The Venus Project was incorporated in 1995.

Venus project was founded on the idea that poverty is caused by the stifling of progress in technology, which itself is caused by the present world’s profit-driven economic system.The progression of technology, if it were carried on independent of its profitability, Fresco theorizes, would make more resources available to more people thereby reducing corruption and greed, and instead make people more likely to help each other. Fresco advocates against a money-based economy in favor of what he refers to as a resource-based economy.

In a 2008 interview with Fresco and Meadows, Fresco stated that a ‘lack of credentials’ has made it difficult for him to gain influence in academic circles.He adds that when universities do invite him to speak, they often don’t give him enough time to explain his views.

The Zeitgeist Movement

The Venus Project is featured prominently in the 2008 documentary film Zeitgeist: Addendum, as a possible solution to the global problems explained in the first film and first half of the second film.The film premiered at the 5th Annual Artivist Film Festival in Los Angeles, California on October 2, 2008, winning their highest award, and it was released online for free on Google video on October 4, 2008.. Following the movie The Zeitgeist Movement was established to aid the transition from a monetary based economy to a resource-based economy.

* I get it. Jacque Fresco , I see your vision.

Shed light,help keep perspective,inspire,energize,or just help me change the world.Don’t ever under estimate the power of ONE SINGLE SOUL.

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