Is modern society more humane than medieval society?

Many people believe abortion is a moral issue, but it is also a constitutional issue. It is a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body, and it should not be altered or influenced by anyone else.

I believe that in several hundred years, if civilization survives, it will look at the barbaric treatment of children in the wombs of their parents as one of the most inhumane acts in the history of civilization, perhaps even more so than the Inquisition. Living babies with heartbeats, such as this one above, are broken into pieces by a “Doctor” with a pair of four snips and the dismembered body parts of the dead baby are sucked out of the mother’s womb with a vacuum hose. Advocates of abortion say the baby is simply a part of the mother’s body, but if that is so, I can’t understand why the doctor has to count all of the little broken off arms and legs of the baby that are sucked out of the mother to make sure none are left inside.

Modern society has a lot of housekeeping to do before it proclaims itself to be the moral compass of history. So far 45,000,000 babies like the one above have died in North America since abortion was legalized in 1973.
 Suction Aspiration abortion, also known as Vacuum Aspiration, is the most common method of surgical abortion in practice today and is generally performed up to 14 weeks of gestation. This is the most common abortion procedure and this method accounts for the vast majority of first trimester abortions. This is performed on an outpatient basis and usually requires only local anesthetic. Most women feel little discomfort with this injection, since the cervix has very few nerve endings, although some report a pinching, stinging, or a dull heavy feeling.

First, a physician determines the location and size of the uterus by performing a pelvic exam. A speculum is then inserted into the vagina to visualize the cervix, then the area is cleansed. This is done to allow for the insertion of a hollow tube- called a vacurette-up through the hole in the cervix. The vacurette, which is attached to a flexible tube leading to the vacuum aspiration machine, is inserted into the uterus. The physician moves the vacurette back and forth gently in the uterus as the uterine contents are emptied. The physician will then carefully check the walls of the uterus with a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette. The entire procedure takes about 5 to 10 minutes. It may cause some cramping and vaginal bleeding, which is normal and varies with each woman.


Live and let live .Who is to decide???????

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