The Moore Building.

ruben and isabel toledo

A love affair

Ruben Toledo was born in Havana, Cuba in 1961 and is at once a painter, sculptor, illustrator, fashion chronicler and critic, and surrealist.Isabel Toledo was born in Cuba. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (NY) and Parsons School of Design (NY).

Yesterday was the FGI Lifetime Achievement Award to Isabel And Ruben Toledo presented by Vanidades Fashion Show.

Isabel and Ruben Toledo’s  surreal view of life brings humor and unconventionality to her industrial world. Two highly talented individuals working in synergy. Muse to her husband’s sculpture, painting and illustration, Isabel Toledo conceives of shapes and structures to clothe the human body.

Below: The Moore Architectural columns and one of their handbags.

the moore ruben and isabel toledo handbag

ruben and isabel toledo dress patternmoore building

Above:One of their pattern designs blending with The Moore curves.Isabel & Ruben Toledo attention to detail and perfect grooming such great dresses, accessories and shoes!I’m Speechless……….

Ruben Toledo, Adriana Sassoon and Isabel Toledo

ruben toledo  isabel toledo

sassoon adriana

Photo by Asa Garvin III- Adriana Sassoon and “Haute Living” Nick Betancourt

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