Mission Statement

Like so many of the hairstylists we meet on a daily basis our passion for the art and craft of hairstyling goes beyond the simple desire to earn a living.   It is an extension of the love we have for beauty and fashion, architecture and design, people and nature. The commitment we have to family, the professionals we work with, and the next generation of stylists. A pledge that now extends to Sojourn.

We have been blessed with an intimate perspective on the culture of hairdressing and some of the world’s greatest hairstylists—men and women who revolutionized the art of modern hairstyling.  Our respect for these artists runs deep. Hairdressing is a noble profession enriched by a strong tradition of skilled craftsmanship and carefully nurtured alliances. The bonds that come from guiding, encouraging and supporting another individual in developing the skills needed to be successful are the very essence of our industry.

This is the energy behind Sojourn—a professional product line based on positive chemistry, ecological integrity and some of the good business practices that we have lost in recent years—like quality ingredients, in salon education, and professional distribution.

The people you meet on these pages and those you will soon meet on the road with us share the same vision.  We are an industry that strives to make people more beautiful and what a joy it is to be part of that. From that single unified thought we invite each and every hairdresser to join us in charting a new course. One by one we believe we can restore the values that inspire creativity and craftsmanship in all hairstylists. Bringing beauty, health and wellness to all the people we serve.

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