Why Beauty Schools of America?

For over 20 years, Beauty Schools of America® has been educating and providing students with the skills they need to succeed in the cosmetology industry. Beauty Schools of America® provides a comprehensive curriculum in cosmetology using the Milady system of training, which is designed to nurture a student’s creativity and speed… both of which are necessary to earn a high income in this field.

Introducing “Sojourn Beauty” at Beauty Schools of America

The Sojourn Beauty product line comes with the following product options: SMOOTH, MOISTURE, COLOR PRESERVE & VOLUME. ALL products are 30% OFF for students or clients who get a service done. Come in during your lunch break!

Pictured here are the benefits. Read more about the benefits of each product here:

Sojourn Beauty Creative Team Workshop

Sojourn products are so easy – we’ve color coded them for you!

*Have limp, fine locks? Use volume (green)!

*Dry, damaged locks keeping you down?  Moisture (blue) will give you the  most luscious locks you’ve ever seen.

*Fire-engine red hair?  Chemically-treated? The secret to long-lasting colour and treatments is Colour (white)!

*Frizzy? Have fly-aways or massive, curly hair?  Smooth (peach) is the answer!

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