The future of Shoe printing Fashion by designer Janne Kyttanen has created a collection of 3D-printed shoes for women that can be made at home overnight to be worn the next day. 🙂

Did I heard it Next day????? Amazing this high-tech fashion.

Each shoe takes between six to seven hours to print, a pair could be produced overnight, assuming two shoes could be printed simultaneously on one printer.Further size and customisation options will be added in future.

Kyttanen, creative director at printing giant 3D Systems, has created 4 different styles of wedge shoes that can be made using 3D Systems’ CubeX printer.

Cubify  free download to print shoes:

3Dshoes the new fashion wave items to download print and go!
🙂 @adrianasassoon  #3Dshoes #3Dfashion #3Dclothes


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