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Coco Chanel’s Summer Home On The French Riviera Is On Sale For $50 Million.


The famed architect Robert Streitz designed the residence for Mademoiselle Chanel and the Duke of Westminster.

It was Chanel’s house, close to the Italian border and set in 5 acres of gardens, from 1929 to 1953 (until the Duke’s death), when it was bought by the wealthy Emery and Wendy Reves. 

duke westmeinster and chanel

The home is located on the heights of La Toracca, with sea views over Menton to the east , the sea to the south and some views to Monaco in the west.

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The Love affair Coco Chanel had over The French Riviera and Switzerland

 gabrielle coco chanel
Coco Chanel stayed regularly in Lausanne after World War II.She usually spent much of her time in palaces and then in her residence in Sauvabelin.

chanel fashion diva
Born August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France Coco Chanel’s concept of simplistic yet expensive couture has made her the most influential fashion figure ever.
Haute couture was completely revolutionized by Coco Chanel.
Died at age 87 on January 10, 1971 in Paris, France.


The fashion designer rests at Bois-de-Vaux cemetery in Lausanne.
Her tomb is decorated with five lions representing her favourite number and her astrological sign.

 coco chanel tomb

Bois-de-Vaux Cemetery

As one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Switzerland, Bois-de-Vaux has famous tombs.

Cimetière du Bois-de-Vaux
Avenue du Chablais 47
1007 Lausanne
Phone +41 (0)21 315 57 15

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