Great places are defined by their moments of undisturbed nature.  
1Hotel “We are not a brand, we are a cause.” Barry Sternlicht CEO
   Bringing in the outside world with non-artificial textures, materials and ways of doing business. #green 

Aiming to make an impact by re-inventing the industry standard for socially responsible hospitality. 

At 1, you’ll find open spaces bathed in natural light, food made with the freshest organic ingredients, and recycled and reclaimed wood and materials.

By focusing on simple things that make life better, by  introducing a new way to experience luxury living. But 1 is more than a hotel – it’s a philosophy and a platform for change. 



Embrace …….

At1 the focus is on minimizing the footprints 

The interiors 

You’ll find untouched, real textures and materials throughout the hotel. From the wood that makes your bed, to the uniforms of our staff, everything is pure and organic.







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