I am going crazy over my BALMAIN Hair Couture !

Spa de luxe pour cheveux 24 carats D’or  

New Limited Edition – Luxurious Golden Spa Brush!

A high quality brush plays a vital role in the conditioning of your hair. This luxury hand made hair brush is 24 carat gold plated. The Golden Spa Brush cleans the hair, stimulates the scalp and increases the blood flow to the hair roots. This chic set also includes Balmain Paris Silk Perfume & Argan Moisturizing Elixir to keep hair in optimum condition. Price £119


SASSOON  kitchen with BALMAIN Hair Couture I love it . 

Architecture of hair meets Architecture of fashion couture. 

Pierre was one of the first French couturiers I ever had a pleasure to be introduced in the 80’s . I was very young and a neighbor of mine in Brazil used to work for the Maison BALMAIN Paris until the time of his death. 

So now I come home and I just had a surprise ! BALMAIN Paris thank you so much , for the beautiful hair care line. I will try all of these luxurious items.   

Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain was a French fashion designer and founder of leading post-war fashion house Balmain. Known for sophistication and elegance, he described the art of dressmaking as: “the architecture of movement.”


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