I support a few causes #elitemodel #women #empower @SassoonAdriana

Adriana Sassoon 

Industrial designer / Activist / Interior Designer / Model / Lecturer / Stylist / Ecologist / Futurist

Adriana Sassoon 

Sassoon has worked as stylist, designer and philanthropist in a wide range of fields spanning design innovations and integrated social work.Sassoon has a unique background in fashion and beauty. From her native Sao Paulo, Brazil, Adriana graduated “The Ecole des Beaux’s – Arts” with her first degree in Industrial Design before arriving in the United States where she received a second degree in Interior Design from the FIDM Los Angeles.

Adriana Sassoon 

A Docent for the French Trade Commissioner Exhibition “Les Paris des Createurs” held at the Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles,CA. Just to name a few designers (Didier Gomez, Phillippe Starck, Andree Putman, Baccarat).
Sassoon’s Design main ingredient is to help a Charity founded by her father and mentor as well as charities that work with children of developing countries”….

Adriana Sassoon

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