About Me


I AM The architect of my life! 

Industrial Designer  Interior Designer  Home Builder  Luxury Real Estate Specialist  Former Elite Model

Adriana graduated from the Ecole des Beaux’s – Arts in her native Sao Paulo Brazil with a degree in Industrial Design before arriving in the United States where she received a second degree in Interior Design from the prestigious FIDM in Los Angeles.

Career highlight:

Working for the French Trade Commissioner at PDC Los Angeles as a Docent for exhibits for top designers and architects such as Didier Gomez, Philippe Starck, Andrée Putman, Baccarat and other elite brands before studying at FIDM. Held an exhibit at PDC earning an accreditation from FIDER for FIDM.
The passion for design she has had her whole life has translated beautifully into her career as a real estate investor and home designer. Adriana is a true stylist at heart, who uses art and science to make any home look beautiful, that gives a unique statement for each homeowner.
Throughout her life Adriana has worked directly with numerous PR venues such as magazines, television and film production houses.
Sassoon designs focus on clean minimalist design that is also functional and comfortable for real life.


Managing Multiple Tasks –
Fashion, Marketing, Publicity, Advertizing, Media, Social Media. – Including Personal Appearances on ( Tv, Radio, Newspapers, Internet, Magazines)

Favorite Quotes:

How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.
Coco Chanel

I believe in Intelligent Resources and Intelligent Design;

I believe in Smart thinking  and Social Integration;

GO the extra mile, is never crowded


  1. Hi Adriana,
    I just happened to stumble upon your blog while I was writing a post about sojourn on mine. I am a huge fan of the products, and Elan and the mission they have. He came to our salon when they were first launching it and now its the only shampoo and conditioner I promote and use myself. I love your blog, it’s beautiful!
    Megan Clouse

  2. SIMPLY AMAZING… I have watched Vidal’s movie documentary….and I have to say ever since I was a child I had and odd bowl haircut …resembling that of Mia Farrow / the Beatles….but it was looking good on a little girl…and I grew up I fell into the “bob” type of hair styles…Vidal is a fave of mine and I look forward to learning more about you and reading into your blog…so far I love everything I’ve read … back to work I go. xoxo

  3. Adriana-

    Hope you are well! We had drinks at M Bar last year and talked about your blog. Looks great! I am writing more and wanted to talk to you about a piece. Can you contact me directly?


  4. Dear Adriana sasson ,
    i am touched by your life .sure i will be frequent visitor to ur blog , I just wish u wellness and health !.
    warm regards

  5. Adriana, your thoughts, your beliefs, your drive, touch my heart, my mind, my life.

    As a fellow Scorpio (Nov 21, 1970) and fellow survivor, you make me proud to be a human.

    It it nice to know there are people with the same ideology as I have grown to learn.

    Thank you
    Gorden Duke

  6. Hello my name is rhonda fulton I graduated from the high school of fashion industries in new york city and now Iam a undergraduate at baltimore city community colledge my major is now fashion design and buisness management and being that i havent earned my degree yet i wanted to know if you had an internship program, I will love to be apart of your organzation of art i love your ideas and creativity and it will be a honor if I can be apart of it. please reply back to my message thank you have a great day 🙂

  7. Adriana,
    I just read your bio and I want to say thank you for the inspiration.
    I am a colon therapist, but I also have a passion for arts, design, natural beauty, feng shui, organization, business, parenting and education!
    Thank you for being an example of someone who follows her many passions and is successful!

    1. Tulenka;
      Eu adoro o seu trabalho sou sua fan.Muito obrigada pela sua cooperacao.Se quiser abro o meu espaco para voce expor seu talento.Sao pessoas assim como voce que fazem o meu dia mais feliz!
      Um grande abraco;
      Adriana Sassoon

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