Boston Elites Get Made Up at Mizu Salon!



Elan & Adriana Sassoon


Things got hot this past Saturday in Boston as Elites made their way to Mizu Salon in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for an evening of beautification, bevvies, bites and beats!

Upon entrance to the sleek, modern space at Mizu, Elites had the chance to watch a transformation of our makeover contest winners Anna F, Orly M and Deepa C. Check out the before photos of our gals:

                               DSC_0014 DSC_0017 DSC_0019

While the makeovers were taking place, Elites were treated to complimentary blowouts, hairstyles and makeup consultations with the Mizu staff and our friends at Sephora! On hand to provide a little liquid love for the event was local liquor purveyors Berkshire Mountain Distillers, serving up their signature cocktail, The Ice Pick, along with cupfuls of their delicious vodka, gin and rum! And with bartenders on hand from Drinkmaster Bartending School, the cocktails were consistently flowing! All the while, the makeovers were in progress:


Jenny N found herself loving the spread of pate and cheese provided by Sel de la Terre on Boylston Street, and cupcakes from Sugar in West Roxbury were designer for sure, with flavors like Cotton Candy, Milky Way, Pistachio, Chocolate Peanut Butter and ELEVEN more varieties of cupcakes!


Throughout the night, Andy from Wicked Good Records kept the music pumping and the mood elevated with his selection of funk, soul and dance music. Sara S was definitely loving his remix of Brittany Spears! And if that weren’t enough, Boston Photobooth was in the house, giving Elites the chance to get cute behind the curtain in their old-school style photobooth. The best part? Pics were printed on the spot and everyone took home their very own photos! And you check them all out here!


Our raffle winners Becki W, Susan J, John L and lucky plus-one Kaitlyn Z snagged tickets to Wine Riot, and Blair H‘s better half, also known as Lauren S, took home a pair of tickets to Cochon 555!


If you’re looking for photographic evidence of all the fun, check out pics posted by Trish F and the official photos snapped by Nathan E. And of course, if you’d like to add your own thoughts, jot down a few choice words here

And those makeovers? Check out the gorgeous results:





Until we meet again, Boston!

Cheers,Leighann F

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Before the bob hair cut became popular in the 1920’s, women were confined to having long hairstyles that were swept up with combs or often worn with hairnets to keep their curls. The 1920’s changed all this when the constraints of the Victorian styles were abandoned.With the war, women were finally able to wear their hair short, thanks to the actions of Irene Castle, silent-screen actress, who started this popular haircut in 1917 to help with the war efforts. It was the promoted style to change the outlook of women that in the time of war, they did not have the time to spend on their hair and the style would help keep their hair from being tangled in factory machines. This style became the most demanded style in this time.By the 1940’s, however, long hair was back, with emphasize on the soft, wavy looks of the shoulder length style. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the bob style became popular again. Women were back in the work force and they needed more manageable styles. Long hair did not fit the style of the working woman.It wasn’t long before the most influential hairstylist to date, Vidal Sassoon, helped to make the bob style more popular than ever by changing the cut of the bob style haircut.Sassoon and his creative director, Maurice Tidy spent time developing variations to the cut and before long, most women wanted their hair cut in the bob cut.This trend continued along into the 1970’s with the Dorothy Hamill cut that everyone seemed to copy. Even today, with the hairstyles varied, this style continues to be popular.The bob hair cuts of today are simply variations of the look created in the 1920’s. Four decades ago, Maurice Tidy worked with Vidal Sassoon in London popularizing the 1960s bob hair style.


There is nothing more simple and elegant than a Sassoon bob.  And for a  hairdresser, there is no cut more challenging to master.  It requires perfect technique, meticulous attention to detail, and a keen understanding of hair texture and growth patterns.  Just as many executive chefs test the skills of potential employees by asking them to make something as simple to prepare yet as challenging to perfect as the omlette, anyone in the hair business knows a true stylist is only as good as her bob.  Indeed, the bob is the omlette of the hair world.Sometimes the higher-end the salon, the higher-end the snob factor, especially when you’re not a client.  But despite the Sassoon name, despite the Beverly Hills address.They say that in the beauty industry, a successful  hairdresser is 20% talent and 80% personality.  


The style was, at first, shocking as women who previously prided themselves on long, luxurious hair, chopped off their locks in a show of independence and equality with men. The original style was worn straight and flat on top or waved with a Marcel iron.

A style is a ‘bob’ if it is cut with a weighted area falling anywhere from just below the ears to just below the chin.Although the bob has faded from the style front on occasion it has always been in the back-ground showing sophistication and class. Vidal Sassoon made such a hit with his severe and sculpted adaptation of this style that many think that it originated with him.The most interesting about the bob is that it has been updated and modified for many style trends but with each come-back, the original look is still as acceptable as the new styles.This style is adaptable to many facial structures and textures of hair. This, along with the ease of styling most adaptations are likely reasons for its tendency to keep reappearing on the style scene.

Over the years, the cut has been modified by adding bangs or taking them away, stylized by cutting one side short while leaving the other long, texturized, permed, waved, poofed and flattened, but it is always unmistakably a bob.Curly or straight, there is a bob haircut to fit just about every face and life style. So if you are looking for a new look that is sophisticated and stylish as well as appropriate for the office and easy to care for, there is very likely a bob that is perfect for you.




Jenna Malone at the Los Angeles Special Screening of "The Ruins" on April 2, 2008 at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles


Vidal Sassoon Hair Revival















The Quant: Sixties designer Mary Quant’s slick pageboy cut was a variation on Vidal Sassoon’s classic angular bob.There were other mod idols, too. Learn more about Mary Quant, a fashion designer who claimed to have invented the miniskirt. She and her husband were a driving force behind 1960’s “Swinging London.”













The Twiggy crop: The original supermodel was hailed as the face of 1966 when she went for a super-short boyish cut.

Twiggy really only had one look, but she took it very seriously. Although the mod fashion movement got its start in 1950’s London, it’s Twiggy who is frequently remembered as the face of mod.  Mod fashion was streamlined and bold, definitively minimalist. Look for geometric patterns, startling colors, and hemlines cut well above the knee.With her short-cropped mod hairstyle, neat side-part, and long, dark lashes, Twiggy epitomized the streamlined grace that so many mod kids exalted.

Twiggy’s fellow model Peggy Moffitt popularized the austere “five point” Vidal Sassoon haircut, the moddest mod hairstyle there ever was.











Forget Twiggy: American model Peggy Moffitt is one of the most iconic faces of 1960’s mod fashion. The actress-turned-model, who became muse to designer Rudy Gernreich, redefined the high fashion look of the era. Her Japanese Theater-inspired makeup and signature hairstyle came to represent the strengthening bond between pop art and fashion.Moffitt started modeling when she began dating photographer William Claxson, whom she later dated. Unconventionally beautiful, Moffitt’s symmetrical, almost cartoonish face redefined the qualities sought in fashion models, paving the way for superstar Twiggy.Moffitt and Gernreich continue to influence the fashion world, despite Gernreich’s death in 1985. Moffitt’s look remains popular in the haute fashion world, and several vintage Gernreich designs were redistributed under the Japanese label Commes des Garcons in 2003. 




















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Vidal Sassoon’s groundbreaking hairstyles made him a legend. Then he sold out. Now his son, Elan, hopes to build on his vision.

By Christopher Muther, Globe Staff

Elan Sassoon was, for years, quite certain he had no interest in the family business. The hair salons, sleek beauty schools, and product lines that made his father, Vidal Sassoon, the best-known hairstylist in the world held little allure. Instead, the younger Sassoon graduated from college in 1993, raised $10 million, and started producing films.



In a few years, his company, Skyline Entertainment, was making critically lauded indie movies with stars such as Blythe Danner, Peter Gallagher, and Lara Flynn Boyle. He was walking the red carpet at Cannes, hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke.

“I was Mr. On-the-Rise Film Guy,” Sassoon, now 38, recalls.But the demands of film schedules and festivals, while making him someone to watch in the movie industry, was putting stress on his marriage. He had to make a choice: film or family. He chose family. The decision drew Sassoon back to the family business, and in no small way. Next year, on Commonwealth Avenue near Boston University, he’ll open the Institute of Hairdesign by Elan Sassoon, slated to be the largest cosmetology school in the world, the first of four across the country. This month, he launches two high-end salons called Mizu, one here with his four business partners  at the posh Mandarin Oriental hotel, another in New York on Park Avenue. He’s partnered on a line of spas called Green Tangerine, and rolls out his own product line next year.

Choosing Boston

The decision to locate the academy in Boston was based, in part, on the city’s strong emphasis on education and its large student population. Boston appears to be a good fit for Sassoon, who confesses that he’s far more traditional and strict than his parents when it comes to marriage and family. Elan Sassoon was born in New York, grew up in LA, and spent a year at Berkshire Academy. But Boston became central to Elan’s world for another reason. In January 2007, his wife of 14 years, Adriana Sassoon, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A former ELITE model in her native Brazil, Adriana Sassoon endured a frustrating series of biopsies in Miami, where the family was living. In search of the best care, Adriana Sassoon quickly moved to Boston for treatment. Elan and their two children followed that May. The family lives in Chestnut Hill. Adriana Sassoon recently celebrated her first cancer-free year.

Adriana Sassoon has a Handbag Company with the focus in Minimalist Design. The main ingredient is to help a Ameamoroso Charity founded by her father and mentor as well as charities that work with children of developing countries”…“If I can make a difference by doing what I love and being able to help others in need, what a marvelous accomplishment!



Photos Elan Sassoon &   Adriana Sassoon .



Muda a estação, mudam também os cabelos. E para versões mais vaporosas carregadas de estilo e leveza para enfrentar o calor da temporada. Segundo a hair stylist do Soho Trianon Bruna Pires, as franjas – em voga desde o verão passado – continuam nesta estação. De acordo com ela, as novidades ficam por conta dos cabelos com tons mais frios e claros e formas desestruturadas, sejam para os curtos ou compridos.

Se você estava pensando em deixar suas madeixas curtinhas, agora é o momento. O verão 2009 traz versão super moderna para esse comprimento. “Nesta temporada, os curtos abusam das franjas alongadas com acabamento estilo militar”, diz a hair stylist.

No entanto, é preciso analisar atentamente o formato do seu rosto, antes de optar por esse estilo de corte. “Cabelos mais curtos são ideais para quem tem rosto mais fino e quanto mais arredondado for, o comprimento da franja deve ser no mínimo dois dedos abaixo do queixo para que possa dar a impressão de um rosto mais delgado”, alerta a profissional.

Os curtos de Katie Holmes e Rihanna exibem versões super modernas para o verão 2009.


A moda pede acessórios chique e simples nos penteados de Natal e Réveillon

Há menos de um mês para as comemorações de fim de ano, assuntos relacionados ao look para as festas e confraternizações rondam a cabeça das mulheres. Como arrumar o cabelo e usar a maquiagem adequada são dúvidas freqüentes de mulheres modernas ligadas nas tendências da moda.

A maquiagem depende muito do tom de pele. Com o intuito de passar uma imagem mais harmoniosa, a utilização de roupas chamativas e brilhosas pede uma maquiagem mais discreta, sem brilhos nos olhos e no rosto. Além disso, é importante adequá-la com os acessórios, a fim de causar um efeito chique e sutil no visual.

Para os penteados, a tendência mostra que as mulheres são a favor do cabelo elaborado, porém com aspecto natural.

Segundo o cabeleireiro Leverson Lino, também do Spazio Personale, aqueles penteados conservadores totalmente presos estão fora de moda. “Hoje em dia, elas procuram algo diferente para os cabelos que fujam do efeito conservador, muito sério e duro de tanto laquê. Por isso, deixar as madeixas com ar natural, com movimento é a melhor solução para as festas de fim de ano”, afirma.

Além disso, Lino sugere a utilização de pingos de luz, presilhas, fivelas, tiaras gregas aquelas com flores, para chamar atenção nos penteados. “Esses acessórios garante um charme a parte no penteado”, conclui.

Presos ou soltos, as mulheres podem ousar na hora de arrumar os cabelos. A principal dica é, antes de mais nada, adequar os penteados com o estilo da roupa e com os acessórios.

Pele clara ou escura, cabelos lisos ou enrolados, o que vale é caprichar no visual e aproveitar as festas de fim de ano.


Desde que Miuccia Prada colocou as faixas nos desfiles, liberou geral a volta delas e das tiaras ao mundo da moda aqui uma das gêmeas Olsen, Ashley, usando uma das faixas da Prada.


Like the more popular tiara, bridal headbands are a great way to dress up your up do, or add a little glam to your hair down.

You can find headbands with pearls, crystals, diamonds, satin, lace or almost anything you can imagine to complement your gown, and in a wide range of prices from all the best designers.

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Elan Sassoon Opens Mizu Salons


 Partners with Mandarin Oriental in Boston and Bumble Vets in New York

BOSTON, October 16 /PRNewswire/ 

Mizu Boston, the first of two new salons by Elan Sassoon opens today in the new Mandarin Oriental, Boston hotel. Mizu New York will follow in early November at its tony Park Avenue locale, headed up by famed Bumble and bumble veterans, Damian Santiago and Michael “Vaughn” Acord, who partnered with Sassoon on the venture.

“My goal is to create the best salon possible,” Elan Sassoon, said. “We recruited a group of talented stylists who are guided and inspired by design, then created an environment that promotes peace, balance and an appreciation of beauty.”

Both locations invested in top architects-Niall McLaughlin Architects in Boston and Leslie Jill Hanson in New York-to achieve the desired salon aesthetic. Each space incorporates experience-enhancing technology like Myvu glasses that offer television and movie entertainment in the stylist’s chair, WiFi, and use of complimentary laptops available to every client. To further streamline the experience, at the end of an appointment, wireless check-out systems will complete any service and product transactions while sitting at the stylist station, shortening time spent waiting to pay at reception.

Mizu Boston and Mizu New York will offer haircutting, hair color/highlighting, blow dry, and up-do services starting at US$125 for a cut and US$250 for color. Plans are in the works for additional salons in Los Angeles, London and Dubai. A new salon academy, one of only two in the world to offer dormitories, is slated to open in Boston fall 2009.

About Mizu Salons

Created by Elan Sassoon, Mizu salons blend the finest talent in hairstyling with modern architectural aesthetic and function. Located inside Mandarin Oriental, Boston and at 505 Park Avenue in New York City, Mizu’s architectural design and international talent attract world-wide attention and celebrity clientele. By creating beautiful hair, providing intuitive service and staying ahead of industry technology, Mizu salons will mark a new era in hairstyling and the salon experience. For more information, hours, services and locations, visit or

Web site:

Mizu Salon & Academy of Aesthetics

Elan Sassoon, what are you doing around here in icy New England? You’re an LA dude, reared on coolness, sunshine and beach parties. You’re the son of Vidal Sassoon. Yeah, Vidal. As in: “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” As in: You graduated from Beverly Hills High. As in: Your neighbor was Bob Dylan and his son, Jakob, your best bud. As in: What the hell are you doing here?
But here you are! You’re opening a swishy new salon, Mizu, in an even swishier new hotel, the Mandarin Oriental—tomorrow! You’ve bought space on Commonwealth Avenue to build the world’s first school of hair design and skincare, the Academy of Aesthetics by Elan Sassoon. You moved your wife and two children here to be freezing with the rest of us.

Welcome, guy! You’ll fit in. You have that Yankee work ethic, for sure. How could you not? Your dad was sent to an orphanage in England, just doors away from his mother, who sent him there because she could not afford to feed him. When he was 14, she took him to a neighborhood barbershop to get a job. “We don’t have any jobs,” the owner said. “Thank you, sir,” young Vidal replied. “I understand.” After which he took his mother’s hand, opened the door for her and escorted her. “Wait.” The owner said. “I like your manners. I think we can find work for you here.”
And so begat the gazillionaire empire of Vidal Sassoon, a collection of international salons, products and the infamous geometric “bob.” Vidal bore four children but only took one of them on industry trips to fashion weeks and shows—you. And despite the mansion and trappings of new money, your father insisted his kids work. Hard. You and your brother David worked construction, pouring cement in the summer. You were expected to earn their own money to buy things.

After graduating from American University, you chased Hollywood. You produced nine films, starring actors such as Sam Gallagher and Lara Flynn Boyle, and were nominated for an award at Cannes (losing to Ed Burns “The Brothers McMullen.”) But you couldn’t leave your roots behind, could you, Elan? Hair. You had a thing for hair.
So tomorrow is a big deal for you. It comes after years working in the beauty-care industry (you headed up Louis Vuitton’s salons, and started and sold a product line with your mom, Beverly). And it comes with great pride. It’s not just that you’re continuing the work your dad began. You have plans for eight more schools and a product line. It’s that you’re doing it on your own. We’re glad to have you with us, Elan. Now maybe you can convince your pal Jakob to move here, too.  

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
776 Boylston Street
(617) 585-MIZU

The stylists were given a major dare in the final challenge: They had to copy one of Vidal Sassoon’s most famous bobs — with Sassoon as the guest judge. Yes, Vidal Sassoon, the rock star of haircutting, the man who liberated women from the tyranny of weekly hairdresser’s appointments in the 1960s by creating geometric haircuts that were truly wash and wear. This is the guy who gave Mia Farrow her Rosemary’s Baby pixie — another cut that pushed the envelope and redefined femininity. Can you imagine how nervous the stylists were? They may have acted calm — but they were shaking in their shoes.

The stylists also had to create two other cuts — and all of the looks had to tell a story. I know, it’s complicated. I can’t say it was easy for me to follow, either. And to top that off, they had to be sure the cuts flattered the models and their dresses. Oh, and they had to accomplish it all in three hours.