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The Carmel Place NYC

The Apartment Aesthetics are amazing and very Comfortable

We’ve heard a lot about Carmel Place, New York City’s micro-apartment building, in the past few years. I recently was able to get a preview tour of the finished project.
The Interior Design is gorgeous and supper functional .
Location is in a Great area :Carmel Place, at 335 East 27th Street.
The apartments have neutral, pallets with a minimalistic style with lots of white and shades of grey.
The Lifestyle Brand is called Ollie.
The essence of Ollie’s Properties is to bring micro studios to the market and eliminate all the hassles and conveniences that come with that.
Designed by nARCHITECTS, the project is the first micro units apartment building in New York and consists of 55 studio apartments for both market rate and affordable tenants. Each apartment is one module, offering 260 to 360 square feet of space. All modules were fabricated at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
While it may have garnered some controversy for its price tag (although 40% of the 55 apartments are affordable, market-rate rents start at $2,600 a month), Carmel Place is an extraordinary accomplishment for its design, modular construction.

During Construction

Before and After pictures

Luke Robert Mason is the CEO & Founder of The New Bionics and Director of the Virtual Futures Conference. His work is largely focused on the role media art can play as a tool for understanding one of the most important intellectual and cultural developmentsof our times – the technological extension of the human condition.

Mason is a member of the artist collective The Institute of Unnecessary Research (IUR). He holds a MA (Distinction) in Media Arts, Philosophy Practice from the Centre for Fine Arts Research (CFAR) based at the Birmingham Institute for Art and Design (BIAD) and a BA (First-Class Honors) in Theatre,Performance and Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick.

They are:



3. Touch


5. Smell

6.Extrasensory perception

Extrasensory perception (ESP), commonly called the sixth sense

Equilibrioception (sense of balance) and proprioception (sense of body position), commonly accepted physiological senses in addition to the usually considered “five senses”


The TF-X™ is the practical realization of the dream of countless visions of the future; it is designed to be the flying car for all of us. In order to achieve this long-sought-after vision, Terrafugia will focus the TF-X™ program with clear goals that enhance the safety, simplicity, and convenience of personal transportation.    
Performance Specifications:

Cruise Speed, Vc: 100 mph (160 km/h)
Range: 400 mi (640 km) plus 30 min. reserve

Takeoff Roll: 1700 ft (518 m) over 50 ft obstacle

Useful Load: 500 lbs (227 kg)

Fuel Burn at Cruise: 5 gph (18.9 L/h)

Useable Fuel: 23 gal (87 L)

Mileage on Road: 35 mpg (6.7 L / 100 km)

 The Transition®

Being able to land and drive not only solves the “last mile problem” but inclement weather will no longer stop your trip. Running on premium unleaded automotive gasoline, the same engine powers the propeller in flight or the rear wheels on the ground. Converting between flight and drive modes is comparable to putting down the top on your convertible and you can keep the Transition® at home in the garage: flying has never been so convenient! 
Inventors around the world have been trying to combine the ease and utility of driving with the three-dimensional freedom of flying since the beginning of the 20th century. The “flying car” has become a pop icon of the dream that never quite comes true. Until now. Terrafugia intends to be the company that catalyzes the creation of a flying car industry.

Their first product, the Transition® is a two-place, fixed wing, street legal airplane which has been internationally heralded as the “first practical flying car”. It is designed to fit in a single car garage, be safely driven on the highway, and be flown in and out of general aviation airports. It brings a new level of freedom, flexibility and fun to personal aviation and you can reserve yours today.

23 Rainin Road | Woburn, MA 01801


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Copyright © 2010  ADRIANA SASSOON. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2010  ADRIANA SASSOON. All Rights Reserved.

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