I S   T H E   N E W   B L A C K!

Adriana Sassoon Design 360 From Salon & Beyond!

Copyright © 2010  ADRIANA SASSOON. All Rights Reserved.

“I love Art, I love Design, I live in a world full of Beauty.Life is one of God’s greatest Gifts.”Adriana Sassoon

“Culture is something that you take with you, wherever you may go.It doesn’t  get out of Style neither grows old”Adriana Sassoon

As magazines loose ad pages and newspapers go bankrupt,TV Shows get poor content.The Internet is leading the way as the most powerful vehicle for news and information delivery of the future. The internet is already a powerful tool for writers, photographers,designers,etc .You can watch television shows for free, get up to celebrity gossip,what to wear or not to wear, get breaking News on your mobile phone from CNN.Designers are inspired by blogs, bloggers and street style.Some people even wonder if Blogs will replace websites or take jobs away from graphic and web designers.The self published blog, which is typically updated more often than websites, is clearly the New Darling of the this internet decade.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” ~Albert Einstein~



Definition: A personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user; also written web log, Weblog; also called blog.

Copyright © 2010  ADRIANA SASSOON. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2010  ADRIANA SASSOON. All Rights Reserved.

 My Blog as you all know is catered to a “Multicultural Global Community”. My variety session has all the  topics that I love and cherish.

“Life is like a laboratory, we have to experiment new things every day”. Adriana Sassoon


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