BAUHAUS excessive striving for maximum profit, which lowered the quality of the products.



There is no doubt that the Bauhaus movement (1919 to 1933) occupies a special position in the ranks of art schools. Its uniqueness and doctrines widened the horizons of modern architecture and art. Its theories of applied art and design shaped the 20th century style: The Bauhaus made its mark. The changing economic structure had serious consequences for the trades in industrial mass products and swept aside handcrafted products. It was not the machine era that was responsible for the inferiority of modern art, but the excessive striving for maximum profit, which lowered the quality of the products. The machine was a phenomenon very much in keeping with the times.The members of the Bauhaus school of architecture migrated throughout the world and guided design theory and production. This led to a dominance of simplicity, clarity and Functionalism Optical Art within the Bauhaus movement is a form of perceptual abstraction that generates optical effects in the visual system of the viewer by use of cleanly designed patterns. Minimalism within the movement is an expression of pure form reduced to its simplest expression.The Art Nouveau involves the stylization of elongated form to its essentials. Symmetrical and rectilinear Art Deco represented the Modern style in its most extreme form.Sassoon was inspired by Bauhaus. He related hairdressing to architecture. As an architect would create a structure within the parameters of a city using its natural geographic landscape, so the hairdresser would cut hair within the confines of a human face using the natural structure of the bones.In design, Sassoon haircuts were always ahead of the times. Vidal Sassoon’s perception of the Bauhaus movement is to be regarded as a productive process. He was inspired by the aesthetic admiration for a specific aspect of the Bauhaus tradition. On the other hand, he was seeking answers to the questions that the era posed for the hairdressing craft and receiving inspiration through architecture.

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