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Love Lies Bleeding

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Christian Slater stars in this thriller about a corrupt government agent’s attempt to get back stolen money from a young couple. After they witnessed a shootout in their apartment complex, the pair runs away with their newfound riches. Unfortunately for them, Slater’s DEA agent is not willing to let his fortune go and embarks on an action-packed chase.

 Production Credits

Director – William Tannen
Tony Rush
Elan Sassoon

 Company Information

Acropolis Entertainment – Production Company
Village Roadshow Pictures Entertainment – Production Company
Avoca Film Partnership – Production Company

 Cafe Society

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·                                 Genre: Drama

·                                 Movie Type: Urban Drama

·                                 Director: Raymond de Felitta

·                                 Main Cast: Frank Whaley, Peter Gallagher,

                            Lara Flynn Boyle, John Spencer

·                                 Release Year: 1995

·                                 Country: US

·                                 Run Time: 114 minutes

                    MPAA Rating: R


This urban drama examines the diverse lives of the patrons of a fictional bar for the rich and famous, El Casbah. Among them are the playboy heir to a margarine fortune, Mickey Jelke, and Jack Cale, a handsome actor who has become a new client and works hard to ingratiate himself to others. Using the influence of a press agent and a pimp, Jack becomes friends with Mickey and his lover Pat Ward, a tough, worldly young woman. When Mickey is cut out of the family will, he suggests that Pat become a call girl so they can continue living in luxury. Suddenly Jack reveals his true identity; he has been working undercover for the politically ambitious New York City district attorney. The district attorney uses Jack’s information to frame Mickey which gets him billed as the Big Apple’s king of vice, and no one is very happy by the time the trial comes around. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide


·                                 Frank WhaleyMickey Jelke

·                                 Peter GallagherJack Kale

·                                 Lara Flynn BoylePat Ward

·                                 John SpencerRay Davioni

David Patrick KellyJ. Roland Sala; Kelly BishopMrs. Jelke; Marshall Erwin EfronMoe Persky; Zach GrenierMilton Macka; Anna Levine – Erica Steele; Alan MansonJudge Valente; Christopher Murney – Frank Frustinsky; Alan NorthFrank Hogan; Richard B. ShullSamuel Segal; Stephen Scott – Blue Angel Piano; Paul GuilfoyleAnthony Liebler


Jim Steele – Executive Producer; Carl Colpaert – Executive Producer; Raymond de Felitta – Director; Raymond de Felitta – Screenwriter; Christoph Henkel – Producer; Michael Mayers – Cinematographer; Larry Meistrich – Co-producer; Georgianne Walken – Casting; Stephen Alexander – Producer; Betsy Alton – Set Designer; Markus Canter – Production Designer; Suzy Elmiger – Editor; Elan Sassoon – Producer; Frederic Bouin – Executive Producer; Sheila Jaffe – Casting; Juliet A. Polcsa – Costume Designer; Brandon Rosser – Production Manager; Tracy Warbin – Makeup; Robert Strauss – Producer


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 Directed by Ross Kagan Marks

Starring Blythe Danner, Bruce Davison, Sheryl Lee, Danny Nucci, Frank Whaley

In the opening moments of this drama, we see a man brutally murder a woman, and in the story that follows, we look back at the events that led up to this tragedy as the killer awaits trial. Archie Landrum (Frank Whaley) is a brilliant mathematician who is socially inept and doesn’t interact well with others. He takes a job as a caretaker at a ranch in New Mexico owned by Katherine Samuel (Blythe Danner). Archie has a good reason for wanting to work for Katherine; her daughter Lucy (Sheryl Lee) is the star of the TV show “Banyon’s Band” and has appeared in a series of R-rated sexploitation films; Archie is obsessed with Lucy, and he hopes that working for her mother will bring him closer to her. Sure enough, Lucy comes to New Mexico to pay her mother an extended visit, but familial warmth is less a factor than Lucy’s need to dry out from her periodic bouts with alcohol and drug abuse. Archie tries to ingratiate himself with Lucy, hoping that she might develop a romantic or sexual interest in him, but it soon becomes obvious that this is not to be. This does nothing to ease Archie’s fascination with her; he begins spying on her and reading her diary, until the inevitable day when his obsession turns violent. Mark Medoff wrote the screenplay, adapted from his own play “The Homage That Follows;” Bruce Davidson appears as the public defender assigned to represent Archie in court. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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A Brooklyn State of Mind 







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