Live Earth India

Live Earth India Press ConferenceLive Earth is doing it again! On December 7, 2008, there will be a concert for a climate in crisis in Mumbai featuring world-renowned musicians and performers, environmental advocates and celebrities from India, the U.S. and beyond. Live Earth India will feature personal and policy solutions to the climate crisis, offer support for India’s most important environmental issues and causes, and provide a platform so India can continue its global climate leadership.

India didn’t cause the climate crisis, but it will suffer some of the most serious consequences of global warming (drought and flooding could produce hundreds of millions of climate refugees) if we don’t act now. We are honored to bring Live Earth to India and with participants like Mr. Gore, Indian environmental leader Dr. R. K. Pachauri, actor and Live Earth India spokesperson Amitabh Bachchan, and Jon Bon Jovi. Along with amazing entertainers we will benefit TERI’s Light A Billion Lives campaign and The Climate Project India, which are dedicated to promoting awareness and finding solutions to current climate situations while alleviating poverty. Please check out daily updated information on our new website at or check out video from our Mumbai press conference at Live Earth India will be broadcast in India on STAR Plus and worldwide online at MSN: more updates soon on “Friends of Live Earth India” and how you can watch it at home!

Live Earth Votes!

Rock the VoteIf you visit you’ll notice some changes – one of the most important components of our new website is Live Earth Vote. When enough of us do and say the same thing, no politician can afford to ignore us. Register to vote today and cast your vote for the climate on November 4, 2008. At Live Earth Vote ( you can register to vote (hurry – many states close voter registration on October 6th!) and find out more about how the candidates stack up on environmental issues. You can also register by using this link – don’t wait!!

Live Earth and Pepsi Recycling

Pepsi Recycling and Live EarthLive Earth and Pepsi have been partners since our Giants Stadium show last year (maybe you were there and saw the dinosaur sculptures made out of Pepsi cans?). This year in North America you might see one of 500 million Pepsi cans that have been produced in partnership with Live Earth. We’ve created a fun website to support the campaign – – since the cans are reaching the market now we included ways to register to vote, information on candidates, and some fun ideas about what you can do with a pepsi can (check out the Pepsi can yeti!) – upload your own photos of pepsi can sculpture or other creative ways to reuse and recycle!


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