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Adriana Sassoon has a unique background in fashion and beauty and is one of those rare people – whether behind the scenes or in front of the camera- that achieves what she sets out to accomplish. At age thirteen, an age at which a young person’s ideas are still fluid, she knew she had a particular fondness for the classical disciplines. She was already flirting with fashion working as a top model for Elite Model Management where her beauty appeared in countless magazine advertisements, fashion shows, and television commercials.

From her native Sao Paulo, Brazil, Adriana graduated “The Ecole des Beaux’s- Arts” with her first degree in Industrial Design before arriving in the United States where she received a second degree in Interior Design from the FIDM Los Angeles.

Adriana, who is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, has an elite work history.
A Docent for the French Trade Commission Exhibition “Les Paris des Createurs”.
Adriana always kept a close eye on fashion. “I pick up on its vibrations”.  Adriana embarks into the realm of fashion accessories as she proudly introduces her latest project.
The creation of “Adriana Sassoon Handbags” is a supported idea by her family and friends.
Adriana Sassoon has a Handbag Company with the focus in Minimalist Design. The main ingredient is to help a Charity founded by her father and mentor as well as charities that work with children of developing countries”….  .
“If I can make a difference by doing what I love and being able to help others in need, what a marvelous accomplishment!

A Celebration of the Vienna 1900 Painters.


   Copyright © 2009  ADRIANA SASSOON             .All Rights Reserved.  

 The collection created by Adriana Sassoon Scarf Handbags was inspired by one of the founders of the Vienna Secession association. Koloman Moser was born in Austria and became a famous architect, designer, and painter. He was a very important figure in the initiation process of the movement after joining Klimt, Schiele, and Kokoschka. The Adriana Sassoon Handbag debut Collection combines predominantly geometric features creating a rhythmical space of cubic forms in which the bags were designed. The strong contrasting colors of the flower and circular scarf patterns compliment the overall design. The ornamentation of the bags is finalized by a Swarovski broach, symbolizing the feminine figure. The Jugendstil style or Young Style (+/- 20 years) so called in Germany or otherwise known as Art nouveau in France, started at the end of the XIX century. I chose this particular style to begin my collection to celebrate the freedom we enjoy now. I am paying homage to the artists that had to fight in order to live their dreams in an age in which the Nazis closed the famous Bauhaus of Dessau. Many atrocities were done to the human race during that period and unfortunately still exist. The collection celebrates the new Parisian trend amongst boutiques, opened by architects and designers, who want more than just being able to create beautiful clothes or buildings. I would like the artistic community to be recognized by ones work and not just as a label or mere product. I think that one must protest against the so-called business individuals who purchase art and/or a craft business, and change the designs to appeal to a commercial mass market. This movement is killing branding images and any form of association with the original concept from the designer.  Through my work I would like to utilize an artistic vehicle to reiterate the rejection of the “plastic society”. The phrase “less is more” needs to truly take shape in the 21st century. The business world can work in tandem with the art world by joining forces and understanding each other’s strengths. The final creations will then take form and are better then the work we see today. The human community needs to pray for peace and protest war as the artistic movements have done in the past.

       I would like be able to communicate with my buyers and call their attention to what we all know matters in life after all. We are all human beings and must treat each other well. In starting this adventure I will be able to help other people and create a better world to live in. Every one of us has to try to make a difference. To find more information about The Vienna painters “Klimt, Schiele, Moser, & Kokoschka Vienna 1900” the “Galleries Nationales du Grand Palais” in Paris presented an exhibition. The exhibition was held October 2005 to January 2006 or can be studied online at The main sponsor was LVMH.

  Hand Bags: Made with 100% genuine leather.

ScarvesMade with  100% Viscose fabric . *

Description of Products: Design- Attention to design and up to date pieces an ever-changing collection. It isn’t just a bag it is a product with a purpose!

Purpose- The collection celebrates the new Parisian trend amongst boutiques opened by architects and designers who want more than just being able to create beautiful clothes, or buildings. To be able to be recognized by ones work not just as a label or mere product. Sassoon goes beyond Salon. –A label with the sole focus on environmental awareness.


The collectible HandbagsPlease keep in mind this is not the type of product intended to mass-produce. The Designer chose to keep it very Artesanal. Therefore the products will have a particular feel and look. The Scarf Bag is not just a standard bag. Is a Bag that by itself dresses an individual. The Scarf bag an innovative way of utilizing a Bag. You can also dress your own Bag for any occasion by changing the scarves.



Adriana Sassoon” started as a company whose principles are founded in basic human need for charity. Adriana’s main purpose is to be able to help a charity founded by her father in Brazil. A charity that has helped many children discover education and learn to survive and thrive within their own communities. Ame Amoroso has over 280 children that need constant care. Adriana prides herself in being able to help those children find a future. Adriana will also help other charities that need help in the form of product donation. The product can then be sold and the proceeds used to help that charity in need.

* A percentage of  the profit goes for the AME AMOROSO charity for each handbag sold. Web Site: 




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