Colon Hydrotherapy and colonic irrigation offer you an excellent opportunity to restore and maintain optimum colon health in your life.

The colon hydrotherapy articles give you a good introduction to the practice and health benefits associated with the practice of Colon Hydrotherapy… and a basis for determining if colonic irrigation could be of any benefit to you.

The practice of cleansing ones colon (upper and lower bowel) is by no means a new idea, and when you discover some of its many health benefits, you may be encouraged to pursue this further… either by obtaining a colonic (enema) kit, or by engaging the services of a professional colon hydrotherapist.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Cleansers?

Frequently we are asked, “Do you use an intestinal colon cleanser to prepare for colon therapy… to relieve constipation… or to maintain good colon health?”

The answer is . . . Yes!

We’ve tried many different colon cleansers over the years and the effectiveness of each varies greatly. Colon cleansing success is dependent on pre-existing colon health and the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. The use of a colon cleanse product may not be appropriate for those with particularly sensitive or diseased colons… But for the vast majority, there are exceptionally good reasons to use an all natural colon cleanser!

For more information about excellent colon cleansers that work for the majority of our clientele… Take a look at the colon cleansing health products we feature in the HealthShop.

And take some time to learn all the benefits of colonic irrigation using Colon Hydrotherapy and why maintaining good colon health could be the smartest thing you do to stay healthy…

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  1. As a Colon Hydrotherapist myself, I am really happy to see this important health treatment getting some attention!
    When I discovered colonics- my life changed. Improved mental/emotional state, weight balancing, amazing skin, regular bowel movements, and trimming the extra fat out of my life, are some of the main benefits I personally experienced.
    Just want to recommend a couple guidelines for using colonics:
    1. Be careful not to use colonics as a band-aid solution. They should be done as a compliment to healthy lifestyle changes. If you do colonics and then go back to a unhealthy lifestyle, this is like digging a hole, filling it back up with dirt, and then digging the hole again.
    2. Every clinic and every therapist is different. Choose wisely. I personally recommend the gravity method. It is the original method of colonics- no machines involved. Gentle yet very effective. The therapist ideally is present with you during the session to give you feedback, coaching, and abdominal massage.
    Enjoy the results!

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