Like A Storm is a four-piece rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. In the past 6 months, the band has toured the United States with rock giants Creed, Staind, Hoobastank, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Skillet, Shinedown, and Burn Halo, as well as The Veer Union and Framing Hanley. Like A Storm sold over 3,000 Limited Edition Tour EPs in their first 3 weeks of touring in the United States . Overwhelming fan response to the band’s live show saw their debut album “The End of the Beginning” enter at #61 on Billboard‘s New Artist Charts  – from tour sales alone. The album has since been made available on iTunes and at Like A Storm’s shows. UPDATE: Like a Storm is now set to begin touring January 22nd 2010 with Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, and record breaking rock band Skillet! [] [].

Their song “Enemy” is featured weekly on ESPN’s College Football, their song “Chemical Infatuation” was featured in USA’s hit Royal Pains, their video is set to debut on MTV’s Headbangers Ball and their songs were featured in trailers for Wolfenstein and Halo video games. The band’s brand of alternative rock music includes vocals, drums, guitar, and bass, as well as programming, piano, synths and didgeridoo. The band’s hit song Lie to Me was the official theme song of TNA’s pay-per-view event Genesis.Like A Storm began in 2005 when brothers, Chris Kent, and Matt brooks first played together in their native New Zealand. They immediately decided to move to move to North America to pursue a career in music. According to Chris “New Zealand is such an awesome place to grow up, it’s a really inspiring place–so beautiful and isolated. But the first time we jammed, we had this amazing chemistry, and we knew we had to take our sound to the world. We left our family and friends and set up in Canada. There are so many different experiences from that time, and the songs on the record are about them.”  They settled in Vancouver and quickly created a buzz. After their first show, Kai Marcus from Methods of Mayhem befriended them and introduced them to producer Mike Plotnikoff. In 2006, they began working on the record and officially began recording with Plotnikoff and Igor Khoroshev in 2007 in California. After about sixteen months of writing and recording the record, The End of the Beginning was complete.

 * LIKE A STORM- Great Show at the HOB Boston.


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