Discovering one’s passion can be as easy as awaking one morning to a divine epiphany of direction for your talent, energy, and love, or it can be a long and exacting process of trial and error.  arturo’s journey to his passion for photography has been a mix of both extremes, leading him on a fascinating and fulfilling adventure towards self-knowledge and satisfaction. Studying, practicing, and teaching in the areas of science, business administration, literature, fine arts, and the martial arts, arturo achieved multiple degrees in these themes before finally arriving at his current point of absolute allegiance to and enthrallment with the art of photography.

Forever fascinated with Beauty, arturo has found a way through photography to create images of magnificence that reflect and affirm his personal vision and perception of the aesthetics. When he is not shooting, arturo practices vinyasa yoga, he is also a self-proclaimed, devoted student of the “Science of Personal Achievement.” Constantly seeking knowledge and enrichment, arturo has traveled within and experienced the cultures of thirty different countries and has studied in France, the United States, and Mexico, but he now spends the majority of his time between Florida and Massachusetts in the pursuit of his passion .

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