As leader of her band Tomiya St., Tomiya sold thousands of self-released CD’s on the streets of Japan, quickly landing a contract with Warner Bros. As a solo artist, she’s recorded with top producers in Tokyo and New York, hosted a radio show in Nagoya, and delighted audiences with performances all over the globe.

Tomiya’s music comes from her pure soul, which has yet to be jaded by society. She is funny, cool, sweet and edgy. She is everything her music is all about. For her latest release “Ichiban Pop”, she returned to the studio with producer/multi-instrumentalist Brad Craig. Here, as with their 2005 release “Honey Rock”, they create a genre bending escape from the typical trappings of predictable pop.

Yuka Azuma,Adriana Sassoon, Tomiya Japanese Rock Star

Tomiya official site:

* Tomiya, I had a great time with you and Yuka hope to see you soon!

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