Vidal Sassoon is more than just a hairdresser,he’s a rock star, an artist, a craftsman who “changed the world with a pair of scissors.” With the geometric, Bauhaus inspired cuts.










Elan Sassoon & Adriana Sassoon N.Y.










Elan Sassoon & Adriana Sassoon N.Y

A fast-paced feature documentary spanning 80 years of revolution in history and culture,  Vidal Sassoon: the Movie is a true rags to riches tale, tracing Sassoon’s path from a London orphanage to international success and celebrity.Bauhaus-inspired styles and “wash and wear” philosophy quite literally changing the way women looked. The fashion, style and social revolutions of the 1960’s come alive as the design of the book and the film unfold.

Cast & Credits

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Primary Cast: Vidal Sassoon, Beverly Sassoon( family archives, videos, photos),Elan Sassoon,Michael Gordon, Mary Quant, Ronnie Sassoon
Director: Craig Teper
Screenwriter: Craig Teper
Producer: Michael Gordon, Jackie Gilbert Bauer
Director of Photography: Saul Gittens
Executive Producer: Jim Czarnecki
Art Director: Steve Hiett
Add’l Credit 2: Yorgo Alexopoulos
[VIDAL] | 2010 | 90 min | Feature Documentary

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