“Nature brings to every time and season some beauties of its own.” — Charles Dickens


Franz Ströher

 It’s the 1880, the days of the German Empire, and an ambitious 25-year-old hairdresser Franz Ströher starts his own business. He makes wigs and hairpieces that adorn the heads of the fashion-conscious of the time. His breakthrough product is a revolutionary invention called the Tullemoid Waterproof. Demand becomes high, as this is the first product to both waterproof and secure the wig. It goes on to be a best-seller and in 1904, Ströher sets up his first factory in the East German town of Rothenkirchen (Saxony). For the next twenty years, Ströher’s business thrives. Innovation and vision are what the company was founded on. These values remain inherent today.

The Sixties

A decade of experimentation and expression with people changing their hairstyles more frequently than ever. Wella recognizes this consumer trend and launches Wella Privat. The range is available to buy in salons, enabling clients to take professional hair-care products home for the first time. This marks the birth of Wella’s OTC business. Throughout this era of iconic style, Wella provides inspiration to salons and hairdressers around the world by taking centre stage at many international hairdressing events. Investment in research and development continues. The company begins trading in Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and Iran. Wella is chosen as an exclusive supplier to the Olympic Games.

I love this product. Smell so good. I used to go to the Vidal Sassoon Salon on Rodeo Dr and get some Wella . 


Wella. Passionnément professionnelle.


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