“Religion is for people that don’t want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those of us that have been there.”
There is no better saying that captures the emotion of Stephanie Hirsch’s artwork.
Her work delves into the deeper or double meaning of words and sayings with both humor and enlightenment. “Initially, sayings can be static,” Stephanie says, “but once we apply our life experiences they can have infinite meanings.”
To convey her messages, she bridges the gap between fashion and art by utilizing beads and embroidery, which give her artwork a three-dimensional depth. The metallic sheen of the medium also serves to remind us that the mantras can shine a positive light on our inner struggles, both literally and figuratively.

     by Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie Hirsch is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Designer and Author.
Stephanie Hirsch appropriates once iconoclastic images that have become somewhat commonplace fashion logos and re-infuses them with the anarchistic spirit from whence they came. Through her use of beads, sequins and embroidery, Hirsch’s canvases are literally ‘illuminated’ with words of enlightenment and hope. Her simple text and quips often cause the viewer to question their moral standings and beliefs, all the while offering aesthetically charged images that are simultaneously foreign and familiar.
Hirsch states, “Mental and physical blockages in life are often self- inflicted, both literally and figuratively. I explore my journey through life as a quest to uncover the truth around me and to express my position through the multifaceted meanings inherent to the words we use and actions we do.”
Hirsch had her first solo show at The Lyons Wier Gallery Project Space in Nov 2011. Her work was most recently chosen by Mercedes Benz to be their featured artist during Fashion Week in their VIP lounge at Lincoln Center Feb 2012.
In 1996 she created the inca resort lifestyle brand. The boutique design house featured collections of luxury swim and resort wear. Entirely self-taught, Stephanie’s designs have been praised for her unparalleled attention to detail along with its flattering and superior fit, and it has also brought her wide acclaim and international recognition as a fashion designer.
Following the birth of her son Hunter, her journey as a mother led her to write the book Mother Nurture: Life Lessons from America’s Best and Brightest. The book is a conclusion of her interviews with the mothers of 52 highly successful people around the world and was published in 2008 by Harper Collins.
Stephanie has also collaborated with the premier indoor cycling studios SoulCycle. In bringing her design expertise and shared vision to reinvigorate the soul, she created their fitness line of comfortable yet stylish cycling apparel.
She resides in New York and Bridgehampton with her husband and two young boys.

stephanie_hirschAdriana Sassoon and artist Stephanie Hirsch at her Miami art exhibit at Design District gallery night.

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