mark hayes


International Creative Director Mark Hayes and the SASSOON Academy Creative Team for an insight

mark hayes

For 30 years Mark Hayes has been inspiring young hairdressers at Sassoon with his passionate approach to hair and his technical expertise.

Mark’s signature style – a series of pared-down looks reflecting his love of modernist art and architecture – puts him at the forefront of global hair design, and his role as International Creative Director takes him all over the world coaching, teaching and inspiring.

He has ultimate responsibility for the renowned Seasonal Sassoon collections, eagerly anticipated by those wanting to know the future of fashionable hair, and has been instrumental in the launch of the company’s latest innovation, Sassoon Professional. When Mark first joined Sassoon in the 1970s his ambition was to be part of the creative team; as he put it, “They were perfectionists who were totally committed to producing the very best. They upheld the values that really mattered to me, and for which Sassoon has now become world famous.”

Under Mark’s direction the team is going from strength to strength: “At the moment we’re deriving inspiration from the relationship between architecture and hair, the rhythmic shapes of nature and every aspect of international design and fashion. Our eyes are always wide open – always looking for new techniques that will transform the world of hair.”

Balance and shape

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