“For the love of hair”

We believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.

That’s why we never mass produce but always tailor the look: Considering the individual’s unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and colour.

We never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

Realising perfect beauty – individual and practical – is our goal.

This is Sassoon. This is Hair Design.


From the contemporary styles of the  late 60’s until now,we share with you the most up to date SASSOON cuts. Our group Vidal Sassoon for Global Sassooners range globally from London to Tokyo.
Global Sassooners is a great club for ex- Sassoons and future Sassooners.

Join our page :

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